5 iOS Apps for Email Marketers

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If you are an Email marketer and searching for the best suitable apps for your Email marketing for your iOS device then you are in the right place. Here we have discussed 5 cool apps for your iPhone.

5 new ios apps for email marketers


This app is very useful in case you want to send a newsletter to someone or managing your campaigns. It is a very good app for Email marketing, you can add your contacts with it. By using this app, you can create a new text message, send emails from drafts, re-send campaign emails, and even you can send statistic reports from your mail. This app is now available for Android users and you can download this app from the Google Play store.

Subject Line

This app examines subject lines for current product issues and gives marketing related hint to improve open rates. If you are sending a newsletter or writing lines for an important topic then you can take direct help of the Subject Line app. This app will give you proper guidance for writing the texts.


It is a very essential app for sharing the files. Once you have saved the files in your Dropbox account then you can access the file from all your computers, iPhone, iPad and online through the Dropbox website. Here you can get an option to store the files in a public folder and can easily share the file with a simple download link.


This is a Business card reader app powered by LinkedIn, which extracts address book contacts from your business card and adds them as a connection on LinkedIn. If you want to add your info from your card then just take a snap of your card and this app will automatically add the info to your iPhone. This app is very useful for those who are traveling much and attends conference.

Facebook Pages Manager

This app is useful for those people who are actively using Social media for their Email marketing along with it also manages your Facebook business pages. This app alerts you when people make posts or comments in your timeline. By using this app, you can easily switch between the pages you manage, view page activity, can post on your pages and can promote your posts directly from the app. It keeps separate your business account from the private mobile account.

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