iPhone 4 in India – Price & Expected Release Date

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After the successful launch of iPhone 4 at WWDC 10 event, people around the World are now waiting to get their hands on this next generation Apple iPhone. Earlier we had reported that Vodafone will launch iPhone 4 in India but the price and release date was not announced by the company. Now we have came up with the expected iPhone 4 release date and price in India.

iphone 4 india

iPhone 4 in India – Release Date

Apple has announced the iPhone 4 pre-order and release dates in various parts of the world. According to the announcement, Apple will release the device in more than 20 countries in September of this year. Which means that Vodafone will introduce iPhone 4 to India in September. It’s also being expected that along with the release, Vodafone will announce some new offers to promote iPhone 4 sell.

iPhone 4 in India – Price

iPhone 4 16GB may cost around RS. 35000 while iPhone 4 32GB may come with a price tag of Rs. 41000. The exact iPhone 4 prices are to be announced but they should be around the prices mentioned above.

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10 Comments to iPhone 4 in India – Price & Expected Release Date

  1. what i don’t get is why is the price range so much more expensive than it is if you’re actually buying it in U.S. The price of 32 gb version of iphone 4.0 is $299, which isn’t more than Rs.17000. If sony can release PS3 in the same price range and even cheaper that it does in the U.S., then why can’t apple?

    • Angad Singh

      Dont worry…. hes just guessing…. there is no official news yet
      also vodafone just launched the 3gs for the same price so its not anytime soon..

    • The iPhone is sold at $299 in US because it is on contract for 2 yrs for around $55 a month. So do your math and see how much you will end up paying. If you don’t want the phone on contract, then you need to pay $700 for a 16GB phone an not just $299. Do your research before complaining.

      • woah, …so i didn’t spent 2 hrs on the net checking up whatever the hell the U.S. cellphone companies are upto.THAT is because i came across this blog first, and i thought no harm in a comment, and seeing as you guys hacve replied, i was right :)
        its not complaining, its called posing a query….

    • @vincent
      Yes , the iphone is not just 299$ in the US. They have to make a contract with AT&T where customers pay the rest of the price of the phone in installments along with the data usage bill monthly, You should feel lucky because India has one of the lowest call rates in the world unlike other countries where people do have to spend a lot on their phone bills.

    • thats because the iphone is available for 299$ with a monthly contact……

      u have to pay 50-60$ a month for the contact of 2 years which is like 1200$ for 2 years…..

  2. iphone has changed the entertaining and outside trotting world. Now I can enjoy the internet surfing with melodious ringtones. Can you define the process to break the password of iphone?

  3. The blogger needs to read and look around much harder!!
    As i write this blog response, Vodafone is selling the iPhone 3GS 32 GB for a whopping Rs47,500/-
    And you guys are expecting the sweet phone for 42K???? Wake up…the pricing for IP4 will not be below 50-54K
    Whatta dampner!!!

    Better to get it when it releases in HK – you will get it for INR 40K
    from UK you are currently getting a SIM free ip4 for 42000 rs (all pricing mentioned for 32GB models)

    Apple doesnt consider INDIA as its primary market…thats the reason it chose INDIA launch in phase 3

    Phase 1 – 5 countries June 2010
    Phase 2 – 40 countries July 2010
    Phase 3 – 88 countries September 2010

    By the way Apple has till date never officially mentioned that INDIA launch wud be phase 3…Its just that INDIA doesnt figure in the country list of Phase 1 & 2 , that we enthu Indians assumed that we get the IP4 in Phase 3…

    Pls remember , IP 3GS was launched in INDIA 1 year after the release in USA…Dream on

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