iPhone 5 will Feature Metal Back with Smaller than 4-inch Screen

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As we know the 5th generation iPhone is going to be released soon. 9to5Mac has reported that Apple will launch the 5th generation iPhone on Friday, 7th October 2011 and the pre-orders of iPhone 5 will start on Friday, 30th September 2011. Currently Apple and its long time ad agency TBWAChiatDay are working on iPhone 5 advertising campaign in Los Angeles. Earlier there was a speculation that the iPhone 5 will feature larger screen. Now we came know that iPhone 5 will feature small screen. According to DigiTimes, the 5th generation iPhone will not feature larger screen, the screen size of iPhone 5 will be smaller than 4-inch and the back design of iPhone 5 will be changed to a metal chassis instead of glossy glass back. It will make the screen look larger. They have received this information from upstream panel suppliers.

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According to the sources from upstream panel suppliers, iPhone 5 will feature 3.5- to 3.7-inch screen instead of 4.2-inch screen. Well, we have to wait until the release of iPhone 5 in order to the see the actual screen size. The sources has reported that the 5th generation iPhone will be similar to iPhone 4 in term of components. Earlier Reuters has reported that Apple is building a cheaper 8GB iPhone 4 and this low cost iPhone 4 will be released this fall along with the 5th generation iPhone. iPhone 5 will include Qualcomm’s dual GSM/CDMA Gobi chipset and it will support both CDMA and GSM networks worldwide. MacTrast has reported that the 5th generation iPhone will be released simultaneously on AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, and Sprint.

Earlier Giz-China has reported that China Mobile has reached an agreement with Apple to bring its 4G TD-LTE mobile data connection to the iPhone 5. This indicates that the 5th generation iPhone will be 4G TD-LTE capable. Well, It is expected that iPhone 5 will feature dual-core A5 processor, dual mode communications, 8 megapixel camera, gesture sensitive home button, metal back, 64 GB of storage, new cloud-based functionality through iOS 5, and tapered back.


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