iPhone Match Mockup with 4.8-Inch Screen [Video]

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As we know Apple is expected to unveil “iPhone Math” this year. If you are waiting for this iOS device, then you will be happy to know that now you can see iPhone Math mockup. According to MacRumors, AppleDigger.ru has created iPhone Match mockup with 4.8-inch display. They have posted iPhone Match mockup video on their website. Recently China Times had claimed that Apple will unveil “iPhone Math” in June and it will feature 4.8-inch display, but DigiTimes had claimed that the new iPhone with 4.8-inch display will not be available for purchase this year.

iPhone Match Mockup with 4.8-Inch Screen

According to AppleDigger.ru, Apple will use 4.8-inch display in iPhone Match. They have also claimed that it will be available for purchase in several colors. China Times had claimed that Apple will use 8 MP camera in iPhone Match, but AppleDigger.ru is claiming that Apple will use 12 MP camera in iPhone Match. This is the only difference between the two reports. China Times has recently reported that iPhone Math production will be started in April. Components will be shipped in March. iPhone Math camera lenses will be manufactured by Largan Precision, connectors will be manufactured by Foxlink and most of the iPhone models will be manufactured by Foxconn. iPhone Match mockup video with 4.8-inch display embedded below.

From the video, you can watch how iPhone Math will look like. The video clearly suggests that the new iPhone will be launched in several colors and it will feature 4.8-inch display. The video has confirmed that Apple will 12 MP camera in iPhone Match. If Apple launches iPhone Match, then it will be bigger than iPhone 5. Still no word from Apple about “iPhone Math”. Apple is expected to launch iPhone 5S in June. If the prediction comes true, then iPhone Match will be unveiled in June alongside iPhone 5S.


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