How Large Screen Smartphones are Eating up the Competition!

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In the past two decades, the world has seen a very revolutionary upgrade in the efficiency of the phones. From the wired, wheel-dial phones it has come to cordless mobile phones that deliver more than just voice calls. The screen has gone from black and white, small dot matrix to a larger and wider color screen that don’t just show the dialed number or the incoming call number but a multitude of various things. It has been sometime that a new age mobile phone is providing everything, which a computer gave to its user until now. This has also made the consumer more tech savvy and aware with the various facilities, they can avail with these phones known as smart phones in the current era.

What are these Smartphones?

Known mostly as Smartphones, these high-tech pieces of technology in small boxes with large screens, which are mostly touch sensitive; are within everyone’s reach. This communication device has an array of features that the previous models of mobile phones never had. Its large screen offers an excellent display for the web pages that are text heavy and loaded with graphics. The graphics not only include the pictures but also the videos. A large screen phone also acts as a personal entertainment system with many options for playing games and watching movies or videos. These large screens are very helpful in running various visuals, such as reading an e-book, viewing a document, photos and much more to continue with.

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What’s so special about these Smartphones?

A screen that responds to touch was a dream, a couple of years ago; but now it has become a reality within everybody’s budget.For example, a phone with a Retina display that has 326 pixels to every inch of its screen with 1136 x 640 resolution is something that many aspire. Add the feature of color saturation to that, and ones gets an iPhone 5 to boast about. A larger screen also means a wide variety of visual choices as with an upgraded processor of the mobile phone, multiple tasks can be executed with a small communication device. So one can watch high resolution photographs, and listen to crystal clear music being played in the background; by a media player. The high definition clarity of images and videos are unmatched, by any of the previous generation’s small screen mobile phones.

Some of the prominent large screen phones that can be found are Samsung Galaxy Note II, HTC Velocity 4G, Nokia Lumia, Sony Xperia, LG Optimus 4X HD, etc. In the future, these phones are going to capture the mobile phone market and definitely achieve record breaking sales in comparison to the simple short screen phones.

Checkout the worldwide shipment forecast of smartphones with 5 inch or larger display.

Large Screen Phones

Why People love Smartphones?

Benefits displayed to the consumers are on a very broad scale. Mobile phones that have large screens work not only for the voice calls but also for the video calls especially if there is a front camera and an excellent connectivity. Majority of the documentation related works are being checked and done over these Smartphone that has big screens. Work related graphics and pictures can be easily viewed as well as expanded with simple software on a high definition screen. The size of the screen becomes helpful in viewing important text and graphics more conveniently.Surfing over the internet and viewing the webpages become very easy with this kind of expanded screen.

Other than the important tasks being executed well over an exponentially bigger screen, the advantage for leisure is unlimited for game aficionados or a movie lover. Availability of multiple games let one try them out, over a large screen and enjoy them on the go. The movies can be viewed as per one’s free time without any stress on the eyes, as the screen is comparably bigger than the previous models here. Since majority of the huge screen phones are touchscreen enabled, so the requirement of a dial-pad is nil. This enables an array of features on the touchscreen that further enhances the efficiency of the phone.

Not Much Care is Needed!

Maintaining the large screen mobile phones is not at all a hassle, if few rules are followed.

  • The very first thing to do it getting a scratch resistance film on the screen which is a must. One must get the screen of their mobile phone protected the very moment they buy it. This film will keep the screen safe and the touch sensitivity of the same to its optimum level.
  • Keeping the entire phone clean. This can be easily done by either putting a protective cover on the entire mobile phone (the scratch resistance film on the screen is a must though) or just being careful with its tidiness. Dust inside the phone or beneath the screen could spoil its overall efficiency to function in a smooth manner. The response to touch by the user on its screen may come down manifold, if the phone has dust or moisture on the screen.
  • Fall is harmful for the screen. Big or small, any screen of the mobile phone is not going to withstand a fall because this could have adverse effect on the displaying potential of the screen. Larger the screen, bigger the cost of repair, so it is wise to keep the phone safe at all times and handle it with care.

With all the above said and described, the pleasure of using a large screen Smartphone can only be experienced but not explained in words. Hence, one must go ahead and get one for NOW.

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