Launch Web Browser from Metro Screen in Metro Mode with Windows 8

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With the advent of Windows 8, Metro screen or apps have drawn a lot of attention towards it. The metro style tile screen has been fascinating many users. The metro screen has become prevalent which has made many App developers to bring out the metro version replacing the traditional versions. Like that way many Web browsers have made Metro version in Windows 8. Here is the tutorial to activate and access it the web browser from the metro screen.

launch web browser in metro mode win 8

Here are some of the Web browsers for Windows 8 with Metro version and their procedures to activate and access it.

Internet Explorer

ie windows 8 metro mode

You must be aware that Internet Explorer 10 has been installed on Windows 8 and is the default browser. It has two variants namely the desktop windows mode and Metro mode. Only one mode can be activated at any instance. To access IE 10 in metro mode, you have to make it default web browser of Windows 8.

To start with metro mode browsing, go to Start screen and type default. A new windows appears consisting of Default Programs, click on it which opens a new window. Next, click on Set your Default programs which is a first option. From the left sidebar of the list locate Internet Explorer and select it. Now, click on Select this program as default.

Now switch to start screen and you can see the change in the icon of Internet Explorer.

After completing all the steps, open Internet Explorer and you will notice that it is all set to open in Metro mode only. To get back to the traditional mode, you will have to remove it as a default browser.

Google Chrome

chrome metro interface

Google Chrome also comes with two modes namely Desktop and Metro (Windows 8) mode. But, here you don’t have to set it as your default browser. The modes can be modified anytime you want to.

Open Chrome Browser and click on Settings icon from the 3 horizontal bars present at the top-right corner which was wrench in previous versions. Next, click on Relaunch Chrome in Windows 8 Mode and browser will now restart in Metro mode.

To go back to your traditional Desktop mode, simply repeat the same procedure.

There is still no news about Metro app for Mozilla Firefox and Opera Web browser.

Upon following the steps above you can now set metro mode in your Windows 8 Web browser and enjoy the metro Apps too.


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