Leaked Photos of iPhone 6 and iPhone 5S Parts

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Are you waiting for iPhone 5S? We have already seen the photos of iPhone 5S real shell. Now the photos of iPhone 6 and iPhone 5S parts have been leaked. According to 9to5Mac, Nowhereelse.fr has managed to get some pictures of iPhone 6 and iPhone 5S parts. They have posted these pictures on their website. The picture shows the speaker components of the next generation iPhone. Nowhereelse.fr has made a comparison between the speaker components of iPhone 6 and iPhone 5S. You can see the pictures posted below.

Photos of iPhone 6 and iPhone 5S Parts

Leaked Photos of iPhone 6 and iPhone 5S Parts

The above picture clearly shows the difference between iPhone 6 speaker component and iPhone 5S speaker component. Nowhereelse.fr has claimed that a source from the component manufacturer has provided these pictures. They have also provided some information regarding the launch date of the next generation iPhone. According to Nowhereelse.fr, iPhone 6 may be launched in early 2014 and iPhone 5S may be launched this summer. Recently Jefferies analyst Peter Misek had predicted that iPhone 5S will be launched in June. He had also predicted that iPhone 5S will be available in six to eight colors and it will feature NFC, IGZO screen, new super HD camera, improved battery and 128GB storage. He has recently reported that iPhone 5S production will start in March. Jefferies analyst Peter Misek has a good track record of predicting Apple related news, so it is expected that iPhone 5S will be available purchase in June.

Apple is expected to use stereo speakers in iPhone 5S as they have already used stereo speakers in iPad mini. Still no word from Apple regarding iPhone 6 and iPhone 5S. If the report from Nowhereelse.fr comes true, then Apple will start selling iPhone 5S this summer and iPhone 6 will be available purchase in next year. Various sources are claiming that iPhone 5S will feature home button fingerprint sensor and it will come in several screen sizes.


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