Let your Windows Computer to Speak What you Write

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It would have been fun if your computer would speak what you type on your keyboard. You must be really wondering how that is possible. There are various features that are unknown to us or say we never tried to find out the hidden features of our computer. Microsoft’s Windows XP, Vista, 7, and Windows 8 come with a built in voice database or narrator, which can be used to enable the speaking skills of your computer. Follow the tutorial to make your computer speak what you type.

Windows Computer Speak What you Write

To make your computer speak what you type, follow the methods given below. You can access the voice database of your system through the Microsoft Speech Application Programming Interface (SAPI)

With Windows Speech Settings

You can use Windows speech setting that is the easiest way to access the voice database feature. Follow the steps to enable the feature.

  • Go to Start and in the search box type speech
  • Next, click change text to speech settings

Microsoft Windows 7 Speech Properties

  • Type the text that you want to be said in the preview pane and click Preview Voice

If your computer doesn’t have SAPI, then you can download the SDK and SAPI from internet

With Windows Narrator

  • Go to start > Control Panel > Ease of Access Center > click Start Narrator Or type narrator in the search box
  • Click to launch the Narrator. Once it is launched, it will start speaking as well as announce your activities on your computer.

microsoft narrator

You can change the narrator settings by Selecting or un-selecting the options in the dialogue box such as Echo User’s Keystrokes, which basically narrate the letters on typing them.

Change in narrator’s voice depends on the type of operating system loaded on your computer. Click Voice or Voice Settings at the bottom of Microsoft Narrator and play with the options.

You can type the words that you want your computer to speak in the notepad. Open Notepad by typing notepad in the search bar, and hitting enter. Highlight the words written in notepad or press CTRL+ALT+SPACEBAR or CRTL+SHIFT+SPACEBAR to make the Narrator read them back for you

With Quick Access Visual Basic Script

  • Open notepad and copy the following text and paste it CreateObject(“sapi.spvoice”).Speak(InputBox(“Speak:”))
  • Save the note file as speak.vbs
  • Double-click on speak.vbs and type in your message, and hit Enter

speak vbs

If the script fails to respond, then you can remove the quotes and save the file and try again.

Upon trying the methods described above you can easily enable your computer to speak what you type. This feature is for having fun while working out on your computer.


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