LG Flexible e-Paper with a Splendid 6” Plastic Display

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LG has recently disclosed that it has already begun the mass production of its electronic paper display (EPD) product and has considered to get it launched in Europe that too in the coming month. This new LG EPD has a 6-inch display that carries 1024 × 768 resolution of its e-ink plastic screen. The device has a mere thickness of 0.7mm thick and has a weight of 14g. As per the information, LG claims that its e-Paper is scratch resistant and is also safe while dropped from a 1.5 meter of height. This is the first plastic EPD and it is highly flexible. You can have the furthermore details discussed ahead. Stay on and have an entire look up of the device.

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LG flexible e-Paper which is the latest development of LG Display in the form of a flexible electronic paper display is just very impressive. This new innovation has been derived from plastic and materialized as a screen and this latest creation can be bent up to 40 degrees pointing from the center of the screen that too without any panic of its damage or breakout. You must have seen this type of ones in any of the futuristic concept devices stuffs but in fact the LG flexible e-Paper display has such a kind of build-up that it is more durable and flexible. It can resist to several drops from a height of five feet onto a hard surface.

LG stated that if you get the e-Paper compared to the other conventional glass e-ink displays or the glass electronic paper display or EPD, then you’ll find that plastic EPD panel is about three times thinner and twice lighter as well. This flexible e-Paper display carries a 6-inch monochrome e-ink flexible display that resembles a screen resolution of XGA 1024 x 768 pixels. It is heard that this unique and awesome technology will be used up on the eBook reader devices of the next generation.

The throng making of LG flexible e-Paper screen will be starting from April 2012 onwards and as per the source, the first one to have a plastic display seems to have its first appearance sometime in the summer. It turns out to be the world’s first plastic electronic paper display which has been implemented in the E-Books. LG Display with the show up of world’s first plastic EPD has again attested that it is still in the peak of leadership along with the4 great quality of innovation.

”Sang Duck Yeo”, the Head of Operations for LG Display’s (Mobile/OLED division) has said that this new one will be much helpful as well as will get the E-Book market trendy. There is no information yet for the US release of the device, but LG has stated that the first ones to get the EPD are the ODM companies in China and the entirely developed products will be hitting the European stores starting from April 2012.

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  1. First time i hear about plastic display. LG’s new innovation rocks. Thanks for sharing this :)

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