List of Best tools to Customize Windows 8 Metro Start Screen

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By now you all must be aware of the new metro style start screen in Windows 8. The new start screen is quite different from the traditional start screen available in the earlier versions of Windows. This is mostly designed for both tablets and PC use. From the very advent of Windows 8, the start screen has been in light and has fascinated many Windows 8 users and non users. Here is the tutorial to customize the existing metro start screen of Windows 8.

customize Windows 8 Metro Start Screen
In earlier posts we have already discussed about customizing the start screen by adding new tiles, pinning web pages and folders to start screen, etc. The default look of Start screen can be customized in a number of ways. Here is the list of software tools that can be used to customize Windows 8 start screen.

List of tools to customize Windows 8 Start screen



The first tool to be known to customize Windows 8 start screen is OblyTile. This is best free tool released for Windows 8 to create new live tiles to the Start screen. Using this tiny tool, one can quickly create and add new tiles with custom color and icon to the Start screen and use them to launch files and programs.


StartDock Decor8

StarDock developed paid software to customize Windows 8 start screen named Decor8. This paid tool enables you to set your Start screen background with your own custom picture, along with this it also allow you to adjust the number of tile rows on the Start screen and create your own Windows 8 color scheme. If you are fond of customizing your Windows 8 OS, then it is the must have software tool.

Start Screen Customizer

windows 8 start screen customizer

Start Screen Customizer is another free alternative to StarDock’s Docor8 tool. This utility tool allows you to change the background image of the metro Start screen. Along with you can also create and set number of rows, set the Start screen opacity, tiles opacity, and Gaussian blur. Another interesting feature of this tool is the ability to rotate Start screen background at specified time intervals.

Start Menu Modifier

Start Menu Modifier

As we all are aware of the fact that the traditional start menu is been replaced by the new start screen or say that the start orb is been missing from Windows 8. To launch any programs in Windows 8 you need to tap on the respective live tile on the screen. However, Start Menu Modifier will allow you to configure in such way that you are able to see both the Start screen and live tiles without leaving the desktop area. Moreover, the coolest feature about the program is that it shows the Taskbar in the Start screen.

Start Screen Tiles

Start Screen Tiles

Start Screen Tiles helps you to change the default row number of tiles shown in Windows 8 Start Screen. This tool adjusts according to the system screen resolution, i.e. it will be limited to a number of rows, e.g. in my 1366×768 resolution limits up to 4 rows, while in vertical mode (768×1366) it reaches up to 8 rows. If you simply one to change the default number of rows, then you can use Start Screen Tiles.

Start Screen Animation Tweaker

Start Screen Animations Tweaker

From the name itself its function can be identified. Start Screen Animation Tweaker allows you to enable the hidden Start screen animations within few mouse clicks. It also allows you to tweak user name slide animation, user picture slide animation, and right-to-left and left-to-right tiles animation. The default animation that you see when you switch to the Start screen can also be disabled with the help of this free tool.

Here is the list of software’s that can be used to customize the new Windows 8 metro style start screen. If you are fond of customizing your screen then you can any one of the above listed here.


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