List of Free Drawing & Painting Apps available in Windows 8 App Store

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Almost many users are aware of the new features brought out in Windows 8. Here we will be discussing about free Apps available to draw and paint in Windows 8. In earlier version of Windows, MS paint was a default paint App availed. However, Windows 8 also installs the MS paint but only in Classic Desktop mode.

free paint apps windows 8

As discussed above Windows 8 does allow MS Paint but only in Classic Desktop mode rather from new Windows 8 start screen. To open MS paint in Windows 8, you need to open the charms bar and select the search charm and type in mspaint. After that you can install the feature but as compared with the predecessor version of Windows it was offered free for painting and drawing.

You must have come across Windows 8 App Store. App store in here offers many freeware to customize your Windows 8 OS. However, apart from MS paint in Windows 8, the store avails several other Apps to paint and draw with the Windows 8 start screen. You can search for them in the App store itself and start working on it. You can install various Paint Apps work on them both from Windows 8 start screen and desktop.

Here is the list of freeware for Drawing and Painting that can be readily downloaded and used from Windows 8 App store.

Microsoft’s Fresh Paint is somewhat similar to that of MS Paint. It can be downloaded for free from the Windows 8 store and moreover it is user friendly, simple and easy to use. This App is simple and it’s unique interface allows you to craft custom colors or change brush size and shape, and even allows you to choose special virtual art tools such as crayons, colored pencil, or eraser.


Below are other free painting and drawing apps for Windows 8 that can be easily downloaded from the App store:

Lazy Paint
Hello Paint
Duco Paint
Paint Drops Free
Corel Painter Lite
Image Trace Paint App
Rainy Paint
Scribble Paint
Paint a story
Finger Paint and many more.

So, if you are looking for some free and awesome Paint Apps for Windows 8 then you can give a try to the Paint Apps described above and customize your drawings and paintings.


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