List of Software that are no more needed on Windows 8

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Microsoft has equipped Windows 8 with various features along with a vast change in its configuration. The first features that comes into the users notice is the interface. The start menu is been replaced with a start screen (Metro Start screen). This new OS brings a huge boost in performance of desktop, laptops or smatphones. With the advancement in its features there are many applications which are no longer useful to Windows 8. Follow the tutorial to know the software that are no more needed or are obsolete in Windows 8.

useless softwares in windows 8

Antivirus Software

There is no need of Anti-virus to be installed on your Windows 8 computer as it already features one of them. Anti-virus programs are meant for preventing the malware or any other virus from hosting on your computer. Windows 8 is equipped with Windows Defender that is based on the excellent Microsoft’s Security Essentials, which offers virus protection capabilities along with malware protection. It is much developed than the earlier version of Microsoft security Essential. The SmartScreen filtering that is integrated within the desktop and support for the Secure Boot functionality on UEFI systems creates a formidable fortress around your computer that will keep most malware away and prevent any malware infection on your computer. But, if you feel like having a Anti-virus then you can surely install for better security of your computer.

windows 8 windows defender

Microsoft has introduced an advanced feature known as the Early Launch Anti Malware that allows anti-malware software to start before all other third-party components, even drivers. Before installation of any other software the first one to be installed or activates upon booting is the antivirus product that is the Windows Defender or any other Anti-virus installed on your system.

Cloud Backup and Syncing Software

The Cloud Backup and Syncing Software are no longer useful in Windows 8. It is high time to say goodbye to your backup software that you might be using to backup your personal files or keep all of your devices in sync. Windows 8 has equipped the cloud backup that is driven by your Microsoft account and hosted by SkyDrive.

Disk Imaging and Recovery Software

You no longer need installation disk to repair your OS or for any recovery programs. No need of using Easeus ToDo Backup as Windows 8 features two unique properties that is Reset and Refresh.

With Windows 8 you probably won’t ever have to touch your installation disk again, or use disk imaging and recovery software such as Easeus ToDo Backup. Aside from the hard disk imaging capabilities that Microsoft added to Windows 7, Windows 8 has two unique features – Reset and Refresh. Reset will restore a Windows 8 PC to its stock, factory state that is there is no need of reformatting and reinstalling of OS while Refresh will reinstall Windows 8, but keep your documents and installed Metro apps intact and interestingly both these features are quicker than the previous version.

Fast Copying Softwares

Many users out there must have installed fast copying software in their system like the Teracopy, Supercopier, etc. to increase the copying speed on a system. Windows 8 no longer needs any kind of software to boost the copying speed as it embeds a feature that can control all the action during copying a file. For example, you can pause a copy and hibernate a computer and again resume it later. Users also have the ability to pause, resume, and stop each copy operation currently underway.

Screenshot Capturing Software

Generally PrintScreen button on keyboards are used to take screenshot. By holding the key and then paste it on paint and save the file. But, this is a bit time consuming process. Windows 7 is featured with snipping tool for the taking screenshot. But, in Windows 8 screenshot can be taken and saved automatically by holding PrintScreen with the Win key.

The new features on Windows 8 are really interesting along with this it saves a lot of hard disk space on your computer as there is no need of installing software that are mentioned above.


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