Lock Screen Customization in Windows 8

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As discussed earlier, Microsoft has included many new features along with variation in many features in Windows 8. One such new feature is the lock screen. For a new user the first thing to be noticed is the metro start screen and the lock screen that are quite a new features in Windows 8 than the earlier versions of OS. If your computer stays in sleep mode then you can see the lock screen on your system. You can customize the lock screen by following this tutorial.

customize windows 8 lock screen

Many users find the lock screen useful whereas some don’t find it that useful. Once the computer is locked you need to dismiss the lock screen in order to log in back to Windows. The lock screen displays time, date and along with some apps and notification.

There are two major elements that make up the Windows 8 Lock Screen. Firstly, the background photo that uses upto 95% of the lock screen and secondly, are the apps that can be pinned to gain direct access. Follow the steps below to change the background image of the lock screen.

Change Background Image of the Lock Screen

  • Hold Windows key + C to open Windows 8 Charm Bar while you are on desktop and then click on Settings button or else you can directly open the Charm Settings using the Windows+I hot key.
  • Under the Charm Bar settings menu, click on Change PC Settings to open your device Metro Settings
  • Click to open the Personalization tab and show all the customization options. There you can select the Lock screen to personalize it by adding a new picture or browse from the existing one. Make sure to select pictures of required length or else it won’t appear

lock screen windows 8 pc settings

You can now see that the background image has been changed.

Customizing Apps that are pinned to the lock screen

Upon changing the lock screen background pictures or wallpapers, you will see the option to choose the apps that will appear on the lock screen. Simply click on the plus button to choose a new metro app to be displayed on the lock screen. You are allowed to select up to eight apps for the Windows 8 lock screen.

You can also customize the notifications area that is you can add or remove apps from it. The apps that are capable of displaying notifications only appear here. These apps notification can be viewed even if the lock screen is enabled.

You can also use the freeware application named LockPic, which allows you to customize and change the lock screen wallpaper or background from a collection of more than 1000 wallpapers in Windows 8.

LockPic Lock Screen win 8

Following the steps discussed above you can customize the all-new lock screen on Windows 8. The Lock screen concept is useless for desktops and laptops whereas it makes sense for users having windows 8 operating tablet so, you can disable the lock screen on your desktop.


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