Lock/ Unlock keyboard using Toddler Keys in Windows 8

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At times we think of locking the keyboard to prevent keystrokes. Many users out there must have come across a situation where they unknowingly hit keyboard giving rise certain unnecessary blunder. For instance, if you are using a Windows 8 enabled Smartphone locking of keyboard becomes necessary as you might hit keys on it and might have called several persons without your knowledge which might cost you high. Here is the tutorial how you can lock keyboard in Windows 8 to prevent keystrokes to avoid issues on the Smartphone’s as well as PC.Lock Unlock keyboard Windows 8It sometimes become essential to lock your keyboard while you are not working on it as hitting any keys while a process is still going on can cause several issues. For example, a file is downloaded 90% but got cancelled by placing a notebook on your keyboard. To avoid this kind of circumstances, it is quite necessary for the computer users to lock system keyboard when not in use.

To lock key board when you are not using it or when you are not around your system for a while, you can lock keyboard to avoid any other user to use the keyboard, you can take help of a third party utility program called Toddler Keys. Follow the simple steps below to lock your Windows 8 keyboard

Steps to lock keyboard using Toddler Keys in Windows 8

Firstly, you need to download third party software called ToddlerKey and install it.

Once installation is complete, open the start menu by holding down Windows key and type Toddler Keys to open the app.
You can see application open in the system tray i.e. at the right side lower most corner of the screen

search toddler

From there right-click on the Toddler Keys icon

When the context menu appears you can see an option to lock the keyboard, simply click on it.

lock keyboard

Upon hitting the option you can notice that the keyboard is locked i.e. when you try to type anything, nothing happens.

To undo or unlock or exit from the locked keyboard, you need to type quit. The locking and unlocking is similar to the pattern how we draw using our Smartphone’s to unlock the screen.

Upon following the tutorial here you can easily lock or unlock Windows 8 keyboard.


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