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Designing a logo for a site has never been an easier job. According to me it’s the toughest job ever. It’s really very hard to put your imagination into a picture. A site’s logo represents the sites, so it should describe the site well. At the mean time it should look nice, simple and eye catching. There are several professional logo designing companies available today to make your job easier. But I would rather prefer to do my logo myself.

Currently I am not using any logo on my site (at the time of writing this article). But if I have to use one in future, then I will do it myself. There are several logo designing tools available over net. You can also take help of logo designing tutorials to get them better. Lets discuss about them.

logo designing tools and tutorials

Logo Designing Tutorials

Firstly I would like to share one thing, “Google is everyone’s best friend”. If you know how to play with Google, then nothing is impossible for you. Well, I will share few Google tricks with you later. Now, you can google the word “logo designing tutorials”, and you will get thousands of tutorials. But just to make your life easier, I am giving you few choosen sites which will make your job more easier.

Well, now you have got the basics. Bust before proceeding, we should understand a logo. Every picture has a silent voice. We should hear that one. Once we feel the words of a picture, we come to know that our logo is perfect. Follow below links to understand the logos.

We all love Yahoo! and Google logos. There are also several other brand names like Microsoft, IBM, Apple, McDonalds etc. Follow their logos but don’t copy them. One thing that’s most common between them are they are simple, not complex. So, keep your site’s logo simple. Have a look on some famous brand’s logos.

Now lets make our logo. But how? How can I make a logo attractive? How can I give a 3D effect to my logo? How can I make my logo transparent? Well, all your above questions can be answered by the logo making tutorials. Follow the below links and you will come to know about the steps of making a logo.

Got the idea? Now lets do it finally! There are a loads of logo making tools available today. But all of them are not effective. So I’m mentioning few best logo making tools here, so that you can make them really fast. And the quality will be the best.

  • Logo Maker : This is one of the most user friendly tool. Without having much knowledge, you can not only make an awesome logo but that will also look professional.
  • Logo Templates : Pre made logo templates will help you to make your logos quickly. They are having some really good templates.

Do not forget to post your comments here, so that others can visit your site and have a look on your logo. Be an example to others.

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