Mailbox for iOS Updated with Yahoo email Support

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Do you like to check email on your iOS smartphone? If you are not getting enough time to turn on your computer and check your email, then you must use Mailbox app on your iOS device. It allows users to check their Gmail quickly on their device. Now the good news is that this app has been updated to a new version and it comes with several new features. The new version of Mailbox brings improvements and fixes several bugs. Now you can use this app in a better way on your iOS device.

Mailbox for iOS Updated with Yahoo email Support

If you are using the previous version of this app, then you will not be able to check any other email except Gmail. Now you can check your Ymail. The new version of app comes with support for Yahoo mail. It also includes iCloud support. The great thing about this app is that it provides your email quickly on your iOS device after checking it from the cloud. It will allow you to access your email quickly on your device. The new version of this app comes with background syncing. Previously, it was not possible to deactivate swipe to open drawer. Now you can do it easily using the new app. If you are using this app on your iOS device, then you must have seen “help me get to zero” banner. Now you can easily turn it off.

This app requires around 14 MB space on your iOS device. If you like to check email on your iOS smartphone, then you must download this app. You can also use it on your iOS tablet. The most important thing is that this app is available for free of cost. If you want to install it, then you have to upgrade your device to iOS 7 or higher. You can download and get from information about Mailbox from the App Store.


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