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Maxx mobile phone company has released a number of mobile phones in India, starting from low end versions to high end devices. If you are a Maxx mobile phone owner and want to sync your phone with the computer to transfer or synchronize files, you need the Maxx MySync software which is generally shipped with the handset. However, if you have lost the software CD, you can download it for free now.

Maxx Mobile MySync Software Download

Maxx MySync version 1.1 is compatible with Windows 2000, XP and Vista but users need to have Microsoft .NET framework installed on their system to use this software suite. MySync 1.1 acts like the PC suite and installs all necessary drivers to make your mobile handset experience a smooth synchronization with your computer.

However, Maxx MySync 1.1 is not supported by all mobile handsets and the following Maxx mobile phones does not fall under the supported phones list.

MX533, MX322, MX483, MX120, CD11, GC121, GC1000, MX362, MX503, GC333, MX250, MX124, MX122, MX333, MX404, GC343, GC735, GC355, MX470 AND MX122B

Download Maxx Mobile MySync Software from here.

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56 Comments to Download Maxx Mobile MySync Software Free

  1. Ajay Dutta

    I have purchase Maxx Mx316,so i would like to inform you to give me free download respective pc suite to my id.


  2. Please send me a free PC suit for using MAXX Mobile model MX475
    Both for data transfer and internet browsing using a PC



  3. Recently i phase a problem with my USB for MX 488, i want to Reinstall MySinc software. Please send it to me.

  4. i have ms830 maxxmobile. but their msync not suport with window 7 .so plz give me alternate software throgh which i can connect net with my laptop

  5. Please send me Maxx MX401 PC suite on my E-mail to connect my phone to my laptop & if there is no pc suite associated to this model then tell how I am connect my phone to PC ????????…

  6. satyenra kumar

    i know my maxx mobile MQ 868 support for window 7pc for internet . so please send pc suit software for window 7 pc.

    Satyendra kumar

  7. susheel choubisa

    i have maxx mx505 mobile but i unable to connect my mobile to laptop wint win7 64 bit
    plz help me

    • Govind lal sharma

      me bought max 2k touch model of maxx. pl. give me free p c suit of this model to use the phone on my lap top. Thanks. I m not getting it any where and the dealer promised me for the p c suit is not taking any response.

  8. Hello sir ,
    kindly tell me how to download and from where the Pc-Suite for Maxx Mobile Device MX 480 device because the above site is useless i have tried about 55 times . please let me no this site on to my email id.

    Thanks a lot,

  9. Sir/Madam, Good Evening.
    I had purchased a Maxx mobile M2020, it is working excellently but I am getting problem with it, while I am connecting it with PC and trying to access Internet on PC by this mobile. so kindly give me guideline about it and I am also praying you to sent a link to download the PC-suite for this mobile.

  10. Dear Maxx,

    I bought new MAXX mobile MQ505 dual sim,
    but there is problem with connecting Internet (not saving the internet settings) now it is dummy set for me I tried to contact MAXX service center all telephone nos. are dead,

    please suggest me what to do.
    your Trusted Customer
    Mr. Girish

  11. Please send me a free PC suit for using MAXX Mobile model MS727
    Both for data transfer and internet browsing using a PC

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