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On December 12 2012, Facebook the popular social networking site introduced its new privacy control policy to enable users to know about the information sharing and how it is shared on the social network sites. These new updates of facebook will come to the user by the end of 2012. It will give the essential tools for users to gain better idea about what information appears where. Apart from this, it will help the users to take out and block the content, which they do not want to keep. The later details have been discused ahead.

facebook new privacy settings

The new security updates of facebook will play an important role in new privacy policies that will change the way the company is sharing the user’s information. After the updates the users may able, to manage their online profiles in a new way and Facebook is creating a new Privacy shortcut to enable this feature.

Previously if we want to do change some settings then we had to follow multiple pages to change the settings in our timeline but in new update Facebook giving the option like “who can see my stuff” and “who can contact me” in our profile which is going to be added in the toolbar very soon. The permission for the apps will change and it is going to be easier to manage the things when update is applied in the real.

When you are using an app for the first time it asks our permission to access our profile but in the new update, those questions will ask separately for granting the users permission. The user interface is going to change when the new privacy policy is going to appear in the Facebook. For better understanding about the privacy policy, the facebook will help you by providing the new messages about the changes.

The activity log will also come with its new look by adding the new navigation and sorting options for better maintenance. A user will able to know its Facebook activities including tagged photos, posts and where that posts is going to appear. Within the Activity Log option, there will be a new Request and Removal tool, which makes easier to find the stuffs, which users do not want on the Facebook. Whether the new change will make effect or not but it is surprising to know that even the social networking sites are taking some steps for information safety and management.

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