Not Enough Space to create Backup on Windows 8 – Resolve this problem

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Does your Windows 8 encounter issues with backup? On creating backup you find that your system HDD has run out of space. The backup created automatically or manually are stored on the system HDD. The backups that are old serving no purpose should be deleted as they unnecessarily eat up disk space. Today we will be discussing about how to retrieve disk space and fix the backup problems.

manage backup space windows 8

Hard disk drives running out of space and on looking for the reasons behind it you find multiple backup sets created on the system. Backups those are expired or say is none of your use, then delete them to free some space on the system. However, you can manage the disk space on the system by following the steps described below.

To view the backups or backupimage created on the system you can navigate to the following locations

C:\WindowsImageBackup\computer name\Backup YYYY-MM-DD HHMMSS folder

Where as Windows Backups are stored here C:\computer name\Backup Set YYYY-MM-DD HHMMSS folder

Next check if you set the Windows Backup set to be run automatically or run as per the set schedule. If so, then you need to delete the old Windows as new backups are always created so there is no use of the older ones.

To manage space or give room to the new backups on Windows, follow the steps described below.

  • Open Control Panel (All Items Icon view) > Windows File Recovery icon
  • Click on Manage Space under Backup

manage backup space w8

  • In the new window that opened, under Data file backup click on View Backups
  • Here you can see all the backups created along with the date of creation. To delete the older one, select one from list and hit the Delete button
  • Upon confirmation prompt, click on delete.

To delete the backups created manually, go to Manage Windows Backup Disk Space and under System image click on change settings

  • Select the option for Retaining only the recent image and hit OK.
    This will delete all the other older backups retaining the only the new ones.

manage backupspace

Again, go to Change settings and allow Windows to manage space for backups on Windows 8 HDD.

This is how you can create room for the new Backups and resolve the Backup issue on Windows 8. Hope the tutorial help you get rid of issue with HDD running out of space.


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