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Sometimes you may use multiple browsers for browsing Internet; if it is so then you might know how tiring it is to search for a browser history as you need to look for them by opening all the browsers as all the browsers maintains its very own and unique history. It is not only tiring but also time consuming process. If you are the one accessing multiple browsers then you might have often wondered of getting all the browser history at one place at once at same time. Here is a tutorial about how you can view all your entire browsing history at one place on your Windows.mitec internet history browser windows

Many of users out there who don’t stick upon one browser for browsing may be looking for an easy way to view the history of all of these browsers at once, so that you can no longer need to look for all the browser history to search for a browsing item. So, there is good news for all multiple browser users, now, you can browse all your browsing history quickly and easily with MiTeC Internet History Browser.

MiTeC Internet History Browser is a free portable program that allows you to view the entire internet browsing history at the same time and place. You no longer have to worry about browsers storing their own individual histories, as they all can be viewed in one interface.

mitec internet history browser

The features of MiTeC Internet History Browser are

  • You get to see your entire browsing history in multiple browsers at once at same place.
  • It supports the five most popular browsers that are Internet Explorer, Chrome, Opera, Firefox, and Safari.
  • It is completely portable and moreover requires no installation.
  • Upon clicking on any item from the history, you get the time, date, URL and an option to view the visited page in your default browser.
  • All the visited websites are displayed in chronological order.
  • It is provided with a search option is available at the top of the program.

Although the program seems to be flawless, but there are still some snag like this only supports the five most popular browsers. Other top listed browsers like Maxthon, RockMelt, SeaMonkey, Avant Browser, and Deepnet Explorer are not supported. This even lacks a filter feature and doesn’t allow you to delete entries from your browser histories.

mitec browsing history

Despite of some lacking features, MiTeC Internet History Browser is a strong program for users who use multiple browsers and doesn’t want to lose the browsing history across all the browsers. This works without even installation and is very quick to show the entire browsing history in one program. We can still wait and see more features added in the future updates that will make this program even better.

MiTeC Internet History Browser version is free portable and is compatible with Windows 2000 / XP / 2003 / Vista / 7 / 8 and takes about 1.3MB space. It shows a VirusTotal malware scan results of 0/44.

With MiTeC Internet History Browser you can now view your entire browsing history at same time in one place and you no need to waste your time looking for browsing history under individual browser history.


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