Why Online Reputation Monitoring is Important?

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If you are running your business online or have a website that represents your offline business, you have to be extra cautious towards your online reputation management. It’s not hard to find your competitors doing negative publicity, causing havoc with your reputation, and getting those negative comments or stories appear right to the top of search engine listings with a little effort. You have to monitor your reputation online to appear clean to your customers.

We can also relate online reputation management with SEO (Search Engine Optimization) where you hire a team to maintain and manage your reputation. This team helps you in removing all sources of spam comments, hate stories, negative reviews, and similar activities and then pushing positive reviews right to the top of search engine results.

As per WikiPedia, “Reputation management is the practice of understanding or influencing an individual or business’ reputation. It was originally coined as a public relations term, but advancement in computing, the internet and social media made it primarily an issue of search results. Although it is often associated with ethical grey areas, such as astroturfing review sites, trying to censor negative complaints or using gamey SEO tactics to influence results, there are also ethical forms of reputation management, such as responding to customer complaints, asking sites to take down incorrect information and using online feedback to influence product development.”

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The online reputation monitoring process helps you in growing your business by taking down unfair news articles, disparaging blog posts, exaggerated reviews, hostile forum comments, outdated legal issues, and blatant smear campaigns. As a customer, I would like to deal with a company that has earned positive reviews from it’s existing customers and not with a company that has tons of hated reviews floating around the internet. Trust factor plays a lead role in any business and you can improve it significantly by managing your reputation online.

Statistics claim that the number of persons who are making a purchase after reading reviews online is increasing fast. Since the number of competitors is increasing everyday, and companies experience severe challenges from many of their hostile customers, dissatisfied employees and villainous competitors who often try to hurt the business by publishing defamatory articles and fave reviews. Their solo motto behind such activity is to create bad image among the masses and damage the company’s reputation to take over their customers and build their customer base even more stronger.

Many innocent individuals and companies are being victims of such notorious activity. But there is an extremely easy way to get rid of this and enjoy original and customer driven honest reviews only. As I have mentioned earlier, you need to hire a team to manage your online reputation monitoring.

These reputation management firms help you in monitoring all your reviews from one dashboard, getting alerts when new reviews appear on review sites, analyzing sentiment analysis that identifies tone of review, and social network alerts! A must have process for every business firm to grow their business, attract new customers and get rid of ugly marketing practices by competitors.

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