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Most forms, circulars or notices are being made available in PDF format today. PDF format is easy to distribute and the inside document stays more secure than any other format. But whenever you try to open a PDF file using your browser, you must have noticed that your system acts slow and other applications goes unstable. In order to make things better and download PDF files easily on to your computer, here is a Firefox addon called “PDF Download“.

PDF Download is a free to use Firefox addon that gives you a handful of options whenever you try to open a PDF file. Unlike the manual method where you have to load the PDF file first and then save the file on your desktop, this addon shows options to save the PDF file from the very beginning, even without opening it. The PDF Download addon shows a notification like the below screenshot each time you click on a PDF file link:

Download PDF

You can choose “Download it” to download PDF file instantly without opening it, “Open in a new tab” to open the PDF file in a new tab, “View as HTML in a new tab” to view the PDF file as HTML and that to in a new tab and “Cancel” to stop all operations.

PDF Download Key Features

  1. Convert Web pages to PDF files and then save, share, print or archive them
  2. View the contents of PDF files faster by converting PDF to HTML page
  3. Less browser crashes while opening PDF files
  4. Available in 19 languages

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