Photo 360° by Sfera: Android App that Takes 360 Degree Panorama Shots

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While searching for a photography app in Google Play we found a new app which was pretty interesting because of its name 360 degrees. The application takes alive photos and is called as ‘Photo 360° by Sfera’ and it is developed by AMALtd which is available for you for free. This app will take away your breath by its fascinating 360° panoramic shots. The app is available for Android Froyo to higher but must have front camera feature. Anyways, let’s know about these apps in details.

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Pretty cool! Isn’t it? You need not to capture multiple pictures and manipulate later to make it a panoramic picture. What exactly you have to do is to tap on the application and start recording the environment around you. This will capture image as well as sound in one rotation and remember not to move the device fast. Take about 20 seconds to turn in one direction so that the view captured will be clear. To see the capture image tap on the ‘My Gallery’ and tap on the thumbnail. The sound which has been recorded will show the panoramic image with sound played in background during its visualization.

This magical 360° photo app has three kinds of shots taking like:

  1. 360 degree full shots can be taken without any incongruity which means just hold the device and turn clockwise slowly.
  2. Turn clockwise around your model and take 360 degree view of the person in the same time.
  3. Turn on the front camera of your device and turn slowly to create an exclusive photo. The image will be behind   you.

The pictures you took can be share with your friends through social networking sites like facebook and twitter. All the pictures will be played in flash which is already built in you device or you can install any flash app or view via a Photo 360° Web Viewer. The pictures can be taken in portrait and landscape mode. The GPS location will be recorded and there is possibility to send the photo URL so that your friends can view the photo directly from net. To do so you need to upload the pictures Photo 360 server and you have to pay for that. To share you need ‘tickets’ and those are divided into categories like:

$1= 4 tickets

$2= 10 tickets

$7.50= 50 tickets

$10= 100 tickets

The pictures which are taken from the device will turn out to be blurry and quality will be low due to low lighting. The quality of shots will be different with different device. More than 9000 has download this app and it’s your turn to get try out this app for free and purchase to share the URL of the taken pictures. It will take 9 MB to get downloaded in your device.

Gaze through the video to know the quality of the pictures taken from this app.

qr code photo 360 degree


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