Photosync app for iOS and android users in facebook

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Facebook is a social networking site where we can chat and share our photo with our friends. In this September, facebook comes with its new feature called photo sync for android and iOS user. Using photosync, you can upload pictures from your device to facebook and pictures will be store in a private and secure folder called “synced from phone”. Once you have stored all the picture then you can decide which pictures to share with your friends.

photosync app for ios and android

iOS 6 is mandatory for iphone or ipad users otherwise photo sync will not work and its good news for android users that they can use it with any versions of Android OS. A facebook app starts uploading your image to the webpage up to 2GB, once you allow the photo sync for your smartphone. Uploading the image to the web folder is very dependent of users, but your recent pictures will be synced to the folder as they are taken.

You can sync your photos through Wi-Fi or cellular network and can delete photos from the “synced from phone” private folder. It sounds interesting because it will store your picture without publishing in your wall. You can upload pictures up to 100K over the 3G and 4G connections and large size picture only by the Wi-Fi network. An option called “Get started” will appear at the top of the Facebook page when this feature comes to market.

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