FIX – Power plan info not available Or Power Plan missing on Windows 8

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Power plan info not available – How to fix it? On looking for the Power options menu on Windows 8, you are not able to find it. It may be after upgrading your PC you find that your Power option menu is missing on the system. This can cause lot of issues especially users who are new. In this article we will be discussing about how to get back the missing Power options on Windows 8.

power plan windows 8 fixPower Option missing on Windows 8 can create a lot of trouble. If you have set your power options temporarily and need to change it like what happens on closing the lids or enter sleep mode after 5 min, etc. If the power option is missing then you are unable to change the settings.

power plan windows-8

After upgrading to Windows 8, you find that the system power options are gone instead you get a message prompting Power plan info is not available. So, here is how you get rid of this issue and have all the power plans back.

However, there are several culprits causing this issue. Hope the fixes described above can help you get rid of the problem and lead to power plans again.

  • Use System File Checker (SFC). Open command prompt with Admin privileges for that use Win+ X to bring up Power User menu and select Command Prompt (Admin). In the cmd dialog type in sfc/scannow and hit enter. This will start scanning for any corrupt files on the system and replace them.

sfc scannow

  • Go back to earlier times or say use system restore to fix the problem. System restore lets you to retrieve back to a state where system functioned completely fine thereby eradicating the problem.
  • If this issue has been resulted after upgrading your PC to Windows 8, then you need to go for refresh or recovery option. Refresh might remove non-Microsoft utility program on the system and that need to be re-installed after refreshing your PC.

refresh windows 8

  • However, this disappearance of Power plan is most likely to be resulted from bad upgrade or due to other utility program that incompatible with the new OS. So, after upgrading update all the system drivers to its latest version.

These are some probable fixes. Refresh is better option if the problem arises due to bad upgrade.

Hope the fixes described below help you fix the issue with missing Power plans on Windows 8.


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