A Blue Premise for Premises Mapping in Apps

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Mobile apps have taken businesses and social groups to new levels. Efficiency, communication, and interactive play have enhanced the mobile experience for those who use the most well designed app tools. When the business itself centers on social activities, the opportunities are endless. Personal trainers and ski resorts are two prime examples. A personal trainer would naturally have an app developed for his business that would allow clients to track their weight and fitness goals, as well as map out hiking and running trails. A ski resort would have the snow report and also utilize premises mapping by charting the ski runs. Other businesses that use premise mapping in their apps include white water rafting operations, horse back riding schools, and off road recreational vehicle clubs.

By utilizing the tools and expertise embedded within the Mobile Apps by Simplikate, you can offer your clients and members an interactive experience that will offer valuable information while promoting your brand. If you run an outdoor business, you will want to continue reading. For the sake of expressing how valuable it is to have a well-designed app with premises mapping technology, this article will use the scuba diving industry as an example of a worthy client—one that, as far as it is known, has yet to fully embrace this technology and utilize its advanced premises mapping features.

A Blue Premise for Premises Mapping in Apps

Into the void

Scuba diving is a recreational sport and business that heavily relies on maps, both above and under water. In fact, to become a PADI (Professional Association of Dive Instructors) Divemaster, one must map out two sites: a surface map of a dive location that pinpoints topography, and an underwater site. Maps are vital to the sport, so why haven’t dive organizations or private businesses contacted a developer to strengthen their business and industry with this technology? Perhaps a dive shop owner reading this article will be the first. It is a real possibility.

With GPS and industry data, as well as data from NOAH, underwater premises mapping is possible. Shipwrecks, walls, caves, and valleys can have maps that integrate the diver’s unique profile and calculate a path to follow based on his/her skill level, bottom time, mixture and other factors. And thanks to companies like Ike Lite who design underwater housings for smartphones, your Android or iPhone could be instantly transformed to a type of dive computer with superior mapping technology.

Be the first

There are a number of dive apps out there, but none use premises mapping. Scuba Diving Magazine reviews the top 12 diving apps, but they all hover around singular subjects such as fish identification, tide tables and Nitrox tools. Clearly, the organization, be it PADI or NAUI, that hires an industry leader in app development to offer this technology, will gain a massive following. But just imagine if the small-time private scuba shop down by the beach was the first to do it. Not only would divers be thrilled to have this technology, but also the shop would literally have its name on the scuba map of success.

And if you don’t own a dive shop, next time you go in to get an air fill or have your gear serviced, share this article with the shop’s owner and encourage him to give his clients a truly useful app linked to his business to make the sport a little safer, and a lot more fun!

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