Qualcomm is now into affordable 3G tablets in India

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The silicon of the exclusive chipset provider Qualcomm powers almost half of the smartphones in our country. This chip is also the main component in running the Window 8 smart phones as well as majority of Windows 8 tablets and other hybrids that are sold worldwide. In other words, no matter whatever the tablet or Smartphone may be. There is a very high probability of Qualcomm’s technology is the brain behind it. However, in the present time Qualcomm is now gunning for a different segment in India that is the low-cost tablet market.

qualcomm 3g tablets in india

In India over 500,000 units of tablet from over 90 tablet brands are sold quarterly. Most of them offer Rs 10,000 Android tablets, which offer Wi-Fi connectivity only as well as 3G connectivity if users buy a USB 3G dongle that connects with the tablet. Now, Qualcomm does not have any significant presence in that the apple and Samsung tablets as well as tablets of the local brands dominate market as the majority of the market. However, the exclusive Qualcomm is planning to change the scenario of dominance.

Qualcomm and Karbonn Mobile announced their first tablet running on Qualcomm’s Snapdragon S1 chipset at its annual industry event in Delhi. This particular chipset offers a 1GHz single-core processor. This chip set Snapdragon S1 also offers a significant benefit that is the ability to not only makes voice calls but also 3G connectivity without having to buy an additional 3G dongle. According to sources, Karbonn is talking to carriers to offer bundled voice and data plans but it has not yet revealed whether any carriers have signed up or even the pricing of the tablet, apart from mentioning it will be below Rs 10,000.

At the beginning, Qualcomm plans to launch tab with dual core S4 play chipset which is powered by Snapdragon S4 chips. The Krait-enabled S4 Plus and S4 Pro will follow these tablets with a quad-core processor. Qualcomm is also providing reference designs, which essentially provide a complete solution,
and all that a vendor needs is to decide the final specifications and external design. However, MediaTek, one of Qualcomm’s biggest rivals, already employs this strategy successfully that started the dual-SIM phenomenon as well as undercut the Nokias and Samsungs in pricing.

It should also be noted that because of MediaTek’s reference design solution gave rise to vendors like Micromax, Karbonn and others. There are many variables at play for Qualcomm. The success of these tablets will depend on whether the carriers offers any type of special voice and data plans services as well as on the quality of the low cost tablets. Whether these tablets will succeed or not, this segment is set to witness a lot of excitement in the coming months.

Priyadarshini Pati

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