How to Recover Deleted Text messages, Phone Numbers from Mobile Phone SIM Card

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SMS is now a way of fast communication among mobile phone users. You can easily send a SMS to anyone, mentioning anything and he will get the message on his mobile phone within moments. But what if you have just deleted one important text message accidentally? Mobile phone does not provide a way to recover deleted SMS and hence you might be wondering to know if it’s possible to retrieve or recover deleted text messages? The answer is YES, you can get all your lost SMS and other Sim card data retrieved.

Before finding the solution, let’s know the technical explanation first. It’s just like you delete something from your computer hard disk but want that recovered that after deletion. Mobile phone stores all your data including music, video, SMS, contact numbers etc either on phone memory, memory card or SIM card. Like computer, mobile doesn’t immediately erase a file once you hit the delete option. It just makes the space free which was occupied by that file and reuses the space to store a new file. Remember that the space and file remain recoverable until you store a new file on that unused space.

SIM Card Data RecoveryThere are tools available to recover deleted PC files and similarly there are tools available to recover deleted messages from mobile phones. To start recovering deleted files, you need a USB Sim card reader and one Sim Card recovery software. SIM card reader is an external hardware device which is used to read the contents from a SIM card while SIM card recovery programs are like data recovery programs but uniquely designed to recover data from SIM cards only. Using SIM card recovery applications, you can retrieve or recover deleted text messages (SMS), deleted phone numbers, call logs or any other deleted data from your SIM.

You can get a SIM card reader from Amazon stores at a cheap price. Check out here:

SIM card data recovery tools are available for free trial. So, you can easily get one to try recovering your deleted files.

Download SIM Card Data recovery Software

Now recovering deleted text messages (deleted SMS), deleted contact numbers or any kind of data from a mobile SIM card is not a problem any more.

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