How to Recover Windows 8 with Refresh, Reinstall and Restore?

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The Windows 8 Operating System is the more talked about OS now. The features brought out with the new version have been attracting many users. As described earlier about the different features, this tutorial also contains about some other features like refresh, reinstall and restore. These three options in Windows 8 are used to recover the OS. Here in this tutorial you will get to know the different operations carried out by refresh, reinstall and restore.

refresh restore reinstall windows 8

Refresh, reinstall and restore in Windows 8 operate a bit differently and performs specific type of operating system reset to recover the OS. The recovering methods will help you choose the correct recovery method for the particular scenario. By this you can save a lot of time and also be able to reinstall Windows properly.


Windows 8 allows you to refresh without losing your data, pictures, music, videos and other personal files saved on PC.

Below are the list of functions that Refresh performs in your Windows 8 computer.

Files and personalization settings won’t change

PC settings will be changed back to their defaults

Apps from the Windows store will be kept

Apps installed from discs or websites will be removed.

refresh win8

To refresh your Windows 8 computer, launch the Charms menu and click the Settings listing. Next, select Change PC Settings option. Next, scroll down to the General listing and click the Get started button listed under Refresh your PC without affecting your files.


The reinstall option in Windows 8 re-installs the operating system completely without manually reformatting the system hard drive and installing the OS using a Windows 8 disc or USB drive.

When you begin with the reinstalling process in Windows 8 with the Reinstall option, the data stored will be deleted or removed. For instance files, data, apps, programs and Windows settings will be removed and the OS will be completely reinstalled by itself and your PC will be completely revert to a fresh Windows 8 installation. No other saved data will be transferred to the fresh install.

To Reinstall Windows 8, launch the Charms bar menu and select the Settings listing. Now, select the Change PC settings option from the menu.

Next, scroll down to the General listing and select it. Locate the Remove everything from the right-side submenu, and select reinstall Windows option and start with the restart process by clicking on get started button.


restore win 8

Restore Windows option allows you to restore or get back to the condition where the system restore point is set. Set the restore point in the location where the system appears to be working properly.

System restore in Windows 8 does not affect any of your documents, pictures or other personal data stored on your system. But, the recently made changes on your computer or newly installed program and drivers will be uninstalled.

To restore Windows 8, launch the Control Panel > scroll down to the Recovery listing and select it. Go to the Recovery window and select the Open System Restore option. You will see the System Restore panel, where you can select a System Restore point to get back to the previous condition of Windows.

The three main ways to recover the operating system in Windows 8 are discussed above. You can use any of them to recover your OS.


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