Remove Application Usage track in Windows 8 metro screen

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The Applications in Windows 8 doesn’t closes properly rather it gets paused or say closes partially. The partially closed or resumed Apps page allows you to switch between applications without actually launching the application from scratch. However this paused application history or usage track can be deleted. Here is the tutorial how you can delete the Apps usage history from the Windows 8 Metro screen.

delete windows 8 application history

Before deleting the App history, let us know what actually the App history does. The App history tab is applicable to Metro apps only, and provides historical measurements of total CPU time, network usage, metered network usage and data used by representing them on live tiles. This feature is primarily meant for the users of tablet and ultra books powered by Windows 8 using cellular data with bandwidth caps. This App lets you collect the info regarding how much battery power each app is consuming simply looking at the total CPU time and how much of your data cap each accounts for.

Check the App history in Windows 8

Follow the steps below to check the Apps usage

  • Open the Windows 8 Task Manager by holding the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+Shift+Esc
  • Next, click on the App History tab under the Task Manager
  • The app history tab is only meant for Metro apps
  • Now, you can see the following information

CPU Time
Network Usage
Tile Updates

win 8 task manager apps history

Delete the Apps History in Windows 8

Follow the tutorial to delete Metro application usage history along with applications running in the background.

  • Press the Windows + I key to open Desktop screen and when the sidebar appears go to More PC Settings

win8 sidebar

  • Now head towards General and click on it upon loading of the new Metro Control Panel

general metro control panel

  • In the right-hand side pane, under the App switching section you can see the Delete button. Simply click on it to clear the App usage history.

win 8 app switching

To assure all the programs are closed or not again get back to the Task manager. There you can notice that all 3rd Party Metro applications are closed that were running in the background previously.

Upon following all the steps described above you can easily delete the paused or the Apps usage history in the windows 8 metro screen.


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