Time Stopper Removes the Time Limit from Trial Software

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Most of the trial or free software has an expiry date. It is good to enjoy those software, but what if when it reaches its time limit? Thanks to Time Stopper, a free tool for Windows that can stop any trial software’s time for you. Suppose you have downloaded a 15 days trial version software and you have already used it for 5 days, means 10 more days are left before it expires. Here you can run Time Stopper, choose the program, set the date between the trial limit, and it will stop the time for you. Check out this article to know how to stop a time of a trial software.  

time stopper

To get started, first click Browse and select the executable(.exe) file of the software whose trial limit you want to remove. Now choose the date which should be within the trial period of the software. Now you’ll find a system calendar on the right side of the screen. By this you can know what date is today. Now choose the time and then click on Open software on your date button.

Important Note: The trial limit of the trial software will come to a halt if you use Time Stopper to open that software. And once you use Time Stopper to run any trial software, make sure that you remove all desktop icons of that software. In this way you won’t accidentally click the original program icon otherwise the trial period will be permanently over. I would recommend that you read the help file too that comes with Time Stopper.

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