Reset Google Apps Administrator Password [Tutorial]

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Google, tech giant and one of the best search engine is used by many users over the internet. Apart from searching on the web, it provides many useful apps. There are many Google app users, but what if they forgets their password? The best way is to go to the system administrators of the Google Apps and reset the password. But what if Google Apps administrator forgets his or her password? This article will help you to reset the administrator password. 

Procedure to Reset the administrator password:

1) First visit the sign in page the Google Apps administrator control panel which has the following URL format:


where <domain-name> is the domain name used to register the Google Apps.

2) Now click “Can’t access your account?”.

3) Then click “Reset your administrator password”.

reset google apps admin password

4) If your Google Apps account allows automated password reset, then you will find a page with a CAPTCHA word verification test.

password reset captcha

5) Enter the letters from the CAPTCHA into the text field and hit the Submit button.

6) Now sign in to your secondary email address.

7) Open the message with the subject line “Google Password Assistance” and click on the link that appears in the message.

password assistance

8) The link opens a page where you can select which administrator account to reset the password for.

9) Click on the new password and skip the rest of the steps.

google apps

10) That’s it, now you can have your new password.


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