How to Format or Reset all Settings in iPad

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Much like the PC or Mac, iPad gets unresponsive few times causing no response to any touch or button press. If you want to reset all settings in your iPad, you will end up having factory default settings and that makes your iPad run faster. There are different procedure to fully format or just reset your iPad depending on the condition. Let’s discuss them.

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iPad Hangs – How to Fix?

If your iPad gets unresponsive and does not respond to any of your actions, restart it. In order to restart, keep pressing the Sleep/Wake button and the Home button at the same time until the Apple logo appears.

How to Reset all iPad settings?

Head to General >> Reset, tap “Reset All Settings”. All your preferences and settings will be reset while all the contacts, calendars, and media files will stay intact.

How to Format iPad- Erase all Data & settings?

Head to General >> Reset, tap “Erase All Content and Settings”. This action will reset all settings to their original values and erase all data and settings.

How to Reset iPad Network Settings?

Choose General >> Reset, then tap “Reset Network Settings”. Once you reset network settings, all previously used networks and VPN settings will be erased, Wi-Fi will get turned off and then back on.

How to Reset iPad keyboard dictionary?

Choose General >> Reset, then tap “Reset Keyboard Dictionary”. Resetting the keyboard dictionary erases all words you’ve added.

How to Reset iPad Home screen layout?

Simply navigate to General >> Reset, then tap Reset Home Screen Layout.

How to Reset iPad location warnings?

Go to General > Reset, then tap “Reset Location”.

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