FreshStart to Restore your Chrome Sessions [Chrome Extension]

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FreshStart is a zippy extension for Google Chrome. It’s an easy-to-use session manager for Google Chrome that lets you save or auto-save your Google Chrome sessions. It would be beneficial in case your PC suddenly stops functioning or your Chrome session crashes. This extension will save and organize your tabs between sessions.


Once you install FreshStart, it sits next to the address bar in Google Chrome. If you click on the green icon present next to the Chrome address bar, a small window will pop up. This window contains two windows including Save Session and Restore Session. Under the Save Session box, you’ll find all the websites you’re currently browsing. Save those sites to the existing session by giving a new name and then hit the Save button.

There’s a Restore Session box that lets you restore any previously saved sessions. This would be useful if you close the session by mistake or your internet browser crashes. You can simply click on the session’s name to launch it in the same browser window. You can also make use of the hotkey Ctrl + click, in order to start the session in an altogether new window. You’ll get some advance options from the “Options”. From this option you can auto-save sessions. To do this simply click on Enable Crash Recovery option. This cool extension also allows you to specify the time after which a session is to be saved automatically. Once done, click on “Save” to save your settings.

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