Restoring Desktop Icons Position with DesktopOK

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You must have noticed that when you make any changes in the screen resolutions or make any changes in the system settings the desktop icons gets scattered on screen or say the icons changes their positions. This is an annoying situation and you need to rearrange them manually. But this can also be achieved using a third party utility tool. Here is the tutorial about how you can restore the icons position every time you change the screen resolution.

Restore icons position DesktopOK

Many users out there must be changing the screen resolutions and every time they do so the icons are left scattered all over screen. Sometimes it has been seen that changes in some display settings can also lead to displacement of desktop icons on screen.

However, to get rid of the annoyance caused by the dislocation of icons, software known as DesktopOK can be used. This utility is useful to those who are used to connect PC to TV and Monitor, as the screen resolution has to be changed every time a new connection is set and while you change the resolution the desktop icons gets dislocated.

shattered icons after resolution change
This tiny utility restores the icons positions to its default ones. That also means that you are free from rearranging the desktops icons manually.

Now talking about DesktopOK, it is a freeware of light weight but with the ability to store and restore the positions or arrangement of desktop icons. It works by recording icon positions along with some other desktop arrangements. This utility comes handy to users who are more used to change screen resolution.


To start using the freeware, download and install it. Before making any changes in the screen resolutions open DesktopOK menu and under it hit on Save Icon’s Layout. You can view an entry named as your PC‘s screen resolution in the list box. Moreover, you can rename it for your suitability or to identify it more easier way which arrangements are for who’s and also save them or various arrangements for the same devices by simply adding 1, 2, 3 and so on.

This small utility also allows you to send or export the arrangements via email or to any external devices, you can do so. All you need to do is save the arrangement in .dok format. DesktopOK can only be able to export or import these .dok files. Even registration for the extension in DesktopOK can be enabled but it requires Administrator Privileges to the software to accomplish the work. It lets you set up icons as your preference or wish to be displayed at the startup. So, whenever you boot windows you can have desired icon positions where you want it to be for easier access.

DesktopOK also offers options that allow you to edit general desktop options, for example, Cursor Hiding, Mouse Wheel management and many more.

You can rearrange or restore the icons location easily every time you change the screen resolution and all this can be achieved for free and with an option to even email or export. This freeware only stores the positions of icons not the sizes.


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