Restrict Internet Usage with Windows 8’s Parental Controls

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How do you restrict Computer Usage from children’s or users who are below age? First thing that comes to mind why should we allows children’s to access Internet. Nowadays, development has been heading in terms of technology, education, etc. You can sit at home and know what is going around the world using Internet. Internet serves as world’s biggest free library. Though it serves many useful purposes but it also includes some unpleasant web contents that can manipulate children’s. Here we will be discussing about how you can control the usage of Internet Access in Windows 8.

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Earlier, we have already discussed about how to configure Windows 8’s Parental Control. For any parent, Family security and Safety comes first. Windows 8 offers parental control to lock down or limit the usage of Internet in their Children’s user account.

Setting Up Accounts to limit Internet Access

In the children’s account, open the Charms bar by pressing Windows key + C. Open settings charm and select Control panel. Open it in to Large Icons or Small Icons view mode and click on Family Safety icon. Now, choose the name of the account where you want to place restrictions. Select On, enforce current settings’ option.

account settings

Restrict Web Access

To limit the access to websites or say block the unpleasant sites. Click on Web filtering and select the option [username] can only use the websites that I allow. However, you can restrict sites using either ratings system or black list or white list.

restrict websites

Most preferable one is the first option, select Set web filtering level to configure your settings. Here choose the block downloads to prevent children’s from installing unwanted software and browser toolbars.

Black & White Lists

To restrict sites in vast way, you can click the Allow or Block Websites link in the left that allows you to set the sites that are useful and block the ones that are unpleasant.

white black list

You need to simply copy and paste the URL of the sites you need to block and access in to the text field and hit the Allow or Block button accordingly. Sites that are black listed will be blocked.

There are various other settings to control the accounts. For instance, you can set timings for the access of Internet or PC. This will limit the access of Internet per day.

set time

In User Settings, you can opt for Windows Store and game restrictions and place an age limit. This will limit the access of games and Apps from Windows App Store that are above the set Age limit.

Windows 8 comes with better security. You can permit the access to Internet usage or PC and monitor you children’s activity.

Follow the tutorial here to know how you can safeguard your children or limit their access to Internet and PC usage so that they can learn and gain knowledge simultaneously.


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