Resume Windows 8 Normally by Bypassing Password after Sleep mode

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The most talked about Windows 8 has many new features embedded into it that are different from the earlier versions of Windows. You all must be aware of computer sleep mode that occurs when we leave the system for few minutes. To break the sleep mode or resume it, you need to move the mouse or hit the enter key. In Windows 8, once the system enters the sleep mode we need to type the password to log in back to the system, which is annoying if you are the sole user of the system. Here is the tutorial how you can resume Windows 8 without Password after Sleep mode.

Resume Windows 8 by Bypassing Password after Sleep mode
We often leave our computer and get to other work or get some rest for few minutes, but when we return back to the system we get to see that the computer has entered the sleep mode and needs password to log in back to the system. Windows 8 sleep mode provides an additional level of security so that no one can access it when you are not around as it requires proper password. But, this feature is irritating for a single user and it seems annoying and is not effective too.

So, if you are the single user for your computer and don’t want to log in every time with password after sleep mode, follow the steps below.

How to resume Windows 8 without Password after Sleep mode?

  • Press the Windows key + W to bring the settings search
  • Type Power in search bar

power options settings

  • From the search result in the left side, click on Power Options icon
  • On hitting the power icon, a window named Power options appears on screen. Now, click on the link Require a Password on Wakeup from the right side of the active window

power options require password on wakeup

  • Another window with system settings pops. Click on link Change Settings that are Currently Unavailable

win 8 sleep mode disable

  • Next, navigate to the Password Protection on Wakeup present on same window. Now, click to check the tab nearby Don’t Require a Password

don't require password

  • Lastly, click on Save Changes button to apply the new settings.

Once you have completed the steps described above you can leave the computer to get into the sleep mode, you can see that you are able to resume your Windows 8 without Password.

If you are a single user for your Windows 8 PC, then you can disable or bypass the password and resume the Windows 8 OS normally by following the steps described above.


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