A Review of Web Hosting Platforms

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Having a good web hosting service is important for anyone who wants their website to be accessible on the web. It is like a bridge that visitors can use to get to your site. It allows your site to always be available and connected on the web whenever a visitor tries to access it. It will also enable you to send emails and check other sites, or any other work that requires an internet connection for that matter. You can lease or rent from web hosting companies that provide space on their servers. However, there are also a lot of factors to be considered before you choose which type of web host to acquire.

Web Hosting

The platform, or the operating system used by your web host, is important because it could make a big difference regarding the stability and security of your website. You should be very particular when it comes to the needs of your site. Giving focus to the most important factor that you think would help your business and website to grow. You wouldn’t want your site to crash every time it encounters a high volume of visitors or to encounter hackers or viruses from time to time. Remember, a visitor always expects instant access whenever they go to a website. There are several different types of web hosting and any of these could perfectly match your needs. Here are some examples:

dedicated hostingA dedicated server, also known as dedicated web hosting, allows a user to rent or lease an entire serve instead of sharing the server with other websites. The user has full access and use of the resources of a whole website server so data retrieval and high traffic from visitors can be easily accommodated by the server. This form of hosting is best for large companies or businesses as it allows you to create different or individual domains for their different departments or branch. The user has full control of the maintenance and security of the site. Another plus with having a dedicated server is that the host always interacts with their client and makes sure that they have what they need and are using the full capabilities of their website server. It is important to have technical support available 24/7 so you can address any problem that may come up immediately.

vps hostingA virtual dedicated server, or a virtual private server as it is otherwise known as, is better for medium sized businesses or websites and they are generally less expensive when compared to a dedicated web server. It divides a single server between multiple users. Although two or more users are sharing one server, it is assured that one user will most likely not be affected by any issues the other user is experiencing. For instance, if the site of the other user has been hacked or has a virus, you don’t have to worry because you won’t be affected by their problems. You are free to use add-on scripts or to create and install your own customized applications. It is like having your own independent server but you are actually sharing it with other users. You are guaranteed to receive the allotted resources that you signed up for.

cloud hostingIn a cloud hosting server, you are connected with multiple servers instead of just one. This has the advantage of being cost efficient because you only pay for what you have and can use. It is like when you receive your bills for your land-line phone. You are billed for the hours you have used it only. This is fairly new in the market but there are a lot of users who are utilizing it already because there are a lot of benefits in using it. It is highly upgradable so that you can expand your website without thinking about limitations.

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  1. Great tips to choose between a virtual and dedicated server.VPS hosting is very popular in these days. Because it’s economical which anyone has small business. It has features of dedicated server.On the other hand Dedicated Servers are very popular in in the web hosting industry.It has security features and reliability.Execution process is very fast of these Dedicated Server.

  2. I’m so glad to read about this article. It feeds more information about dedicated server hosting or dedicated web hosting. And all the stuff about cloud servers.

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