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Some users out there might have known about the Google developed Chrome OS, an open sourced Linux-based OS. It is fast, stable and secure. This OS is compatible with only some selected devices. Many users may be craving to use this OS, but don’t have devices that support chrome OS. Here is the tutorial how you can run Chrome OS without having a compatible platform that is on our Windows powered PC.

Run Chrome OS on windows PC

As mentioned earlier, the chrome operating system comes pre-installed in some selected devices only. Here is how you can run Chrome OS on Windows.

Follow the any of the three procedures below to run Chrome OS on Windows PC.

Use Google Canary to run Chrome OS on Windows PC

google chrome canary

If you wish to run chrome OS on Windows PC, firstly you need to download Google Chrome Canary. This new feature is an early build for Chrome and specially used by developers and computer geeks, but you can also utilize it if you are not that computer expert, simply download and install it on your Windows PC

google canary chrome os

Installation process is as easy and similar like other utility tool. Once the installation is complete, run Google Chrome Canary

Next, go to Settings and click on ‘Open Ash Desktop’ button or use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+Shift+A

You can now see a new Chrome OS window on your screen.

Virtual Way to run Chrome OS on Windows PC

virtual chrome os

In this procedures we need to virtualize the Chrome OS on Windows PC and for this you need to have Virtualbox or VMware. Google doesn’t provide official OS downloads, so we need to use the unofficial OS build.

  • Visit the OS download page and click on the virtual box icon there to download the image file for Virtualbox
  • Next, you need to download and install VirtualBox
  • Now, run Virtualbox and create a new virtual machine. Select the OS type as Linux and use the downloaded image file
  • Select the desired memory that you want to allocate to your Chrome OS on the system

After completing all the steps describe above, you can now run the machine and enjoy the virtual chrome OS.

Portable Way to run Chrome OS on Windows PC

You can use your USB device to run chrome OS. Simply install Chrome OS onto the drive and boot your system from the USB drive. Follow the steps given below:

  • Firstly, you need to download USB images of unofficial Chrome OS built from the link given above
  • Next download Windows Image Writer from this link

Win32 disk imager

  • Now, select the downloaded image file and then select your USB drive and click Write
  • Finally, Reboot your Windows PC from the same USB drive and you are with the portable Chrome OS.

For this process, you need to have a minimum of 4GB USB drive.

If you want to have or run Chrome OS without having a Chrome Device on a Windows PC, then this tutorial here is a good way. The OS used in here is the unofficial build by Hexxeh but it works quite well.

Chrome OS runs smoothly on a PC. If you are the one with no Chrome support device, follow the procedures described in this tutorial to run the Chrome OS on any Windows system.


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