Run Optimize Drives Manually in Windows 8

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Windows automatically runs Optimize Drives, which was earlier notified as Disk Defragmenter in the earlier versions of Windows OS that helps in optimizing different types of drives on system that is to be used on a particular day. Windows runs defragmenter based on a weekly schedule or at set time for proper maintenance of system drives, but this is carried out automatically. Here is the tutorial how you can manually run Optimize Drives in Windows 8.

Optimize Drives manually windows 8

Processor chooses the type of drive will be used on the day but at the end of the day it is Windows who automatically chooses the optimization that’s right for the system drive. There might be some reasons why users might dislike the auto Optimize Drives Schedule Settings in Windows 8. Here is how you can turn on or off drives to be optimized automatically and set a preferred schedule of your wish to run Optimize Drives in Windows 8.

Before heading towards scheduling Optimize Drives, make sure that you have set a restore point or a back up and you need to login as an administrator or with Admin privileges.

Steps to Change Optimize Drives Schedule Settings

  • Open file Explorer or my Computer and right click the drive you want to optimize
  • From the context menu at the top, click on Manage tab or Drive Tools and hit on the Optimize button

Computer optimize

  • In here, you can Turn On or Off Scheduled Optimization of All Drives in Windows 8, to turn it off, under Scheduled optimization, click the Change Settings button


  • Upon prompted by UAC, click on Yes
  • Next, uncheck the box besides option Run on a schedule and hit OK

Schedule On 1

  • Or to Turn On Scheduled Optimization of Drives in Windows 8, simply check the box

Now comes how you can set a preferred timing to run Drive Optimization or schedule frequency in Windows 8

  • Under Scheduled optimization, click on the Change Settings > Frequency
  • From the drop down list, select the preferred time to run optimize drive either on Daily, Weekly, or Monthly basis
  • Next select Drives tab and click on the Choose button
  • Here you need to select the drive option that you want include or exclude in scheduled optimization, simply check or uncheck the boxes. You can also uncheck the automatically optimize new drives option if you don’t want the newly added drives to scheduled optimization

optimize new drives

  • Once you have completed or set your optimization settings, hit OK and close the window.

Now, Windows will Run Optimize Drives at the set duration in Windows 8. If you ever wanted to manually Optimize Drives or change its schedule of running, follow the tutorial here to do so.


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