Samsung Galaxy Note 2 ‘The Incredible Art-Piece’ – Participate in the Guinness World Record Attempt

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Here is your chance to be a part of one Guinness World record attempt initiative by Samsung. Apart from designing the next generation smartphones for humans, Samsung has been setting landmarks when it comes to development, promotion and sales figure of smartphones. This time Samsung has gone a step ahead and all set to include Sammy fans in creating a Guinness world record.

Samsung Mobile India announced the launch of ‘Samsung Galaxy Note II Incredible Art Piece’ – an attempt to create a digital art piece that will break the Guinness World Records title for the most artists contributing to a single art piece.

Samsung Galaxy Note II Incredible Art Piece

The current world record for this attempt is held by Great Britain with 201,958 contributions. So far over 57,700 people (by the time of writing this article) have participated in this word record attempt and the number of participators is increasing rapidly. The ‘Samsung Galaxy Note II Incredible Art Piece’ initiative will engage Indian citizens to participate by contributing their creations for the mega art piece.


If you want to be a part of this history, you can head to Samsung Galaxy Note II Incredible Art Piece page and contribute. The page gets loaded with handful of options that you can use to edit, color and come up with a really nice art-pieces. You may make more than one art-piece if you like, however only one art-piece per email will be taken into calculation for the record attempt. After participation, Samsung will award you a digital certificate for participation.

My Samsung Galaxy Note II Incredible Art Piece

Let’s join hands and make be a part of Samsung Galaxy Note 2 ‘The Incredible Art-Piece’ – Guinness World Record attempt. You can spread this news on Facebook, Twitter, blogs, emails, Samsung stores and invite your friends to participate and make this attempt successful.

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