November Giveaway – Win a Samsung Galaxy Note

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Samsung changed the game in mobile device industry by introducing the Galaxy Note, and now we are going to make you free from multiple devices by giving away a brand new Samsung Galaxy Note. I personally liked the galaxy note, and wish to get my hands on it as soon as Samsung sends me the review device. But you can now pocket a brand new Samsung note, just by entering a simple contest. As usual, this contest is open to all countries.

Samsung Galaxy Note Giveaway

Samsung Galaxy Note is something that everyone would die to have. It comes packed with almost all specs and features that you can expect from a smartphone, tablet, and a notebook. Read our post that covers Galaxy Note features.

Get prepared, participate, and fight to win this Samsung smartphone worth Rs. 34,990 (around $720).

Rules & Regulations

  • Last date of participation is November 30, 2011.
  • We are using RaffleCopter to manage this giveaway. The decision of RaffleCopter will be final and binding.
  • In case of a tie, we will use
  • No spam please. Spamming entries will not be considered at all.
  • Open to all geographic locations.
  • Giveaway includes free Samsung Galaxy Note and shipping.

Update: And the winner is Shubham Gupta. Thanks everyone for your participation, and making this giveaway a huge success. Hope to see you all in our December giveaway again.

Soumya is the admin of Techcular. He loves to learn new things on Internet. You can find him writing on his personal blog a few times.

116 Comments to November Giveaway – Win a Samsung Galaxy Note

  1. Hello,
    First of all thank you so much for organizing such a type of giveaway and i am very happy to participate in this giveaway.

    Above mentioned all steps are done except one of blogging and that to i will complete soon and you can trust me on that point.

    Have a nice day and god bless you.

  2. Your website is quite interesting and contains fruitful of articles but where is the next page to navigate!! So it will be easy for me to see all your updates!!

    Hope you quickly focus on it :*

  3. Greetings, Soumya Pratihari!

    Thank you for the giveaway. I have completed most of the prerequisites. I hope to win Samsung Galaxy and it is really a good news to find this is opened worldwide.

  4. I already got the Note…It’s a cooæ and good phone for everyday use! Beat’s the Iphone anyday…I won’t participate, cause I already got it, but congrats to the one that wins this fine product!

  5. GALAXY series always caught attention.
    I had lot of fun with galaxy s, I was going to move onto galaxy s2. But then I saw this amazing phone. It’s almost a tab. I dream to own this.

  6. Whoa what a cool website.
    why did I don’t know it before.

    Also A very cool mobile for giveaway.
    U guys are awesome.

  7. The Note is the product to use at the moment. We use it at our company as well..2. is Nokia, 3 is Iphone.

    The Iphone must surprise positive with nr. 5 if they wanna stay in the race!

  8. I would love to win this! I subscribed, not sure what else I should do to qualify for this. Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  9. how would u come to know that who is posting what and where? do we have to also give the links of pages where we are sharing your posts every time we click “i did this” ?

    • Not really. You just need to provide the link to your blog post and that’s it. Later we can manually investigate your Facebook/Twitter accounts to see the number of articles you have shared so far, if needed.

  10. Thank you so much for organising such a type of giveaway . and i am very much excited to participate in this giveaway.

    Congratulations Techcular. on completing strong and Successful 3 years. From the bottom of my HEART, I Wish this Techcular lead……………………………………….golden one.

    Here I posted in my log.

    • shaila krishnaraj

      What a Fish !!…………… Wowwww soooooooooooooo beautiful colour. it’s simplicity no word. It’s simplicity attracts me ……..baba re baaaaaaaaa

  11. pushpraj chuahan

    this is a great phone and its all features are awesome and very easy to use
    its most important thing is that its very cost effective as compared to the features,
    its design and style is really high class and very smart really.

  12. Woah…. did not expect the result would come out so soon nor it would be generated through Random. org. Congratulations, Shubham Gupta!

  13. Jjagdishraj Padubidri

    Author Soumya Parihari posted [ ” More sharing you do the more points you will get.
    Write a Blog post about where you can write about why you like this blog.
    What are the things that you would love to suggest etc. ” ]

    Even somebody asked author also ” is this a lucky draw or a competition? The authour told him
    “It’s a competition . The moximum points win. ”

    Author declared winner Shubham Gupta.
    Where he written about ? [ He even not writte, or used, in his blog single word Techcular. ]
    Where he written why you like Techcular Blog ?
    What suggestion he suggested to you ?
    How you declare him winner ?
    I think , may be that poor girl also participated reading these your words
    [ More sharing you do the more pints you will get.
    Write a Blog post about where you can write about why you like this blog.
    What are the things that you would love to suggest etc. ] somewhere i read about her she written ……

    Even that Shubham Gupta when Author declared his name he also surprised., coz he knew. what he done in his blog etc . I am not at all aginst that Shubham Gupta. nor he is my friend or enemy nor that girl. coz I have been watching all these from the begining. You are author and you are only the person responsible for all these. Being a social worker , when I find there is some injustice.. it hurt me a lot.
    How Author blindely declare his name ? THIS IS ABSOLUTELY WRONG. AND TOTALLY INJUSTICE .

    • Stop crying. This was just a competition, and the prize was just a mobile phone.

      Aren’t you Shaila Krishnaraj but posting using a different name? Your actions on this page have always been suspicious.

      You need to get a life.

    • LOL ! Some people can never be satisfied !

      Ok, I will answer that ! Please read this rule

      “We are using RaffleCopter to manage this giveaway. The decision of RaffleCopter will be final and binding.”

      Now go and register on RaffleCopter ( you need an invite, let me know if you need one ), and learn how it works ! Even if someone has gained 1000 points still it is not sure that he will win, it’s just he has 1000 entries for the contest and so his ‘chances’ are high. However, even a person with 1 point can win beating the person with 1000 points !

      In the end, it is a contest, if you only thought to win, you already lost ! CHILL !

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