Samsung Galaxy S i9000 With The Superuser

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The rooting of Samsung Galaxy S i9000 is really a easy process. I will give some tutorial to you which help you a lot. The rooting of Samsung Galaxy is so easy but a single mistake will fall you into a huge problem so be careful wile doing this.

Samsung Galaxy S i9000

(WARNING : A single mistake can cause a huge problem for your Galaxy S i9000 for which we won’t responsible.)

Methods Of Rooting

(If you have adb and you know how to use it!)

  2. Put to SD card
  3. Enter Code:adb reboot recovery
  4. In recovery menu select “apply” then your Phone will restart and you have ; su+Superuser and busybox (/system/xbin/busybox)

(If you have Odin3 and you know how to use it!)

  1. Download: superuser_v1_CSC.7z
  2. Unpack it
  3. Flash this file as CSC file with Odin3

To install busybox utils, in terminal enter the Code(su busybox –install -s /system/xbin) then your Galaxy S i9000 will successfully rooted.

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