Samsung is about to bring an 8-core big.LITTLE chipset

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Samsung is going to place a quad Cortex-A15 CPU inside the Galaxy S IV along with Exynos 5450 chipset but there is also another news that the Korean company is going to use ARM’s Big.LITTLE technology for its upcoming chipset. This technology matches with number of excellent processors like Cortex-A 15 cores, Cortex-A7 cores and also similar with NVIDIA’s fifth core in Tegra 3.the chipset smoothly shifts to high and low core according to the load but it cannot carry the two processor at a time.

samsung 8 core big.litle chipset

In this February at ISSC (International Solid-State Circuits Conference) Samsung, demonstrate an 8 core or two quad-core clusters of Cortex A 15 and Cortex A7 CPU cores by using Big.LITTLE configuration. Big.LITTLE technology is a technique, which unites very low power cores like Cortex A7 with the high performance cores like Cortex A15 for better battery life. The quad core A7 cluster which works at 1.2GHz per core and energy efficient. This quad core A7 can be used for those tasks, which does not need high performance.

On the other hand the quad core A15 cluster works at 1.8GHz/core and also have a cache of 2MB. This new Samsung processor can be used for those tasks where tasks are needed high performance. In case of LTE connection, the quad core A15 processor avoids bottleneck condition and helps the browser to load the webpage instantly. According to this information, it looks like this chip is targeting the tablets particularly the future Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 tablet, where they are going to use Big.LITTLE technology for high performance.

These two clusters of dual core CPU’s can be used in case of smartphones but still the chipset do not exist. Exynos 5 dual is the fastest mobile chip now available in the market because of its 2 plus point: one is for its high performance architecture and other one is its highest clock speed. Because of these two reasons, it beats the other chipsets, which are available in the market.

However, Exynos 5 chipset is little high for smartphone that is why Samsung is waiting for the Big.LITTLE technology chipset before using it in a smartphone. Last but not the least it seems that coming year is going to be very competitive between the Samsung and NVIDIA for its chipsets. I am assuming that Samsung will give its best chipset with the powerful combination of 4+4 A15 and A7 and NVIDIA will give the best GPU architecture chipsets to the market. This may add some spice to the technology lovers.

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