Samsung’s Incredible Art Piece Record – Celebrities Contributions

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Recently breaking the previous record of 20,1948 submissions by various artists, amateur and professionals in Great Britain, the current number of submission stands at 327000 and the pieces showcased, are just amazing. Majority of the entries are made by using the most favoured Samsung Galaxy Note II. This world record attempt by Samsung did create a lot of hype among the Smartphone users. Some celebrities also participated in this contest with their fabulous designs and creations.

Samsung Incredible Art Piece Contest

Celebrities such as Shantanu and Nikhil, Anushka Menon, Genelia D’Souza, Tagra and Thukral participated in this contest. This peculiar attempt of breaking a world record crossed the volume of 10,0000 entries in the very first few days of 2012 December. Samsung India managed to receive thrice the volume by the end of the contents.

On November 23rd, 2012; the event took off by the actress Genelia D’Souza and the famous artist duo, Tagra and Thukral; at the Select City Walk Mall of New Delhi.

Contribution 2Shanranu and Nikhil

Contribution 1Thukral and Tagra

This event not only made a world record but it also brought out the amateur and novice artists out through the latest technology. It may have been thought to be a marketing promotion activity by Samsung India by most of the people and competitors of this telecommunication device giant. All throughout the contest, the jury received a mammoth volume of submission that showed how much the participants were enthusiastic about the entire thing. “The Incredible Art-Piece Campaign” brought together a lot of artists from the diverse backgrounds and genre. In a way, the participants got an opportunity to check the various features of Samsung Galaxy Note II.

With celebrities participating into this contest, the contest went to a very different and elegant level. These celebrities are the top notch professionals of their field. Their creativity is indeed of very proficient kind, which prompted the other constant to raise their own creativity streaks to a higher range.

Win or lose, the participation gave everyone a very ecstatic feeling to be part of the event that was organized by Samsung India. As a company, Samsung India also came closer to its users and the potential consumers.

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