Secure Browsing by Enabling Private Browsing Mode in Firefox

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Many users out there might be using Mozilla Firefox as there default browser, as it is user friendly and is one among the most used popular browser. If you are quite fond of updating your browser with the latest version, then you might be aware of Mozilla Firefox 3.1. Well, this version of Firefox is going to add a feature called Private Browsing mode that will protect your browsing history or say it provides private browsing to secure your browsing. Private Browsing Mode can also be accomplished with Firefox 3.0 and other latest versions. Here is the tutorial how you can enable Private Browsing Mode in Firefox.

Private Browsing Mode in Firefox

You don’t need to wait for the 3.1 Firefox, as you can now enable the Private Browsing Mode in any version. Before beginning let’s see what exactly the Private Browsing mode does. This mode allows your Firefox to get to a temporary state where no information regarding the users’ browsing session is stored locally that maintains your privacy, usually all browsing information gets stored in the browser history.

You might know that when you browse any sites on Internet, things like browsing history, cookies, and temporary Internet files are stored on your browser. But, with Private Browsing Mode it is now possible to keep the browsing secret that is when you are accessing this mode all the cookies, browsing history are removed or deleted upon closing the browser, this way it protects all your privacy online.

Enable Private Browsing Mode in Firefox

To enable Private Browsing Mode in Firefox, follow the steps given below.

  • Start Firefox browser and select Firefox button at the top left of the browser windows
  • Next, click Options

firefox options

  • Now, select ‘Privacy’ tab

always use private browsing mode firefox

  • Choose Use custom settings for history from the drop down menu using drop down arrow
  • Finally, check the box besides Always use private browsing mode option as shown in the above screenshot.

Once you have completed all the steps you are now in the private browsing mode, where none of your browsing history are being tracked.

You can also enable Private Browsing using a new add-on named Private Browsing.

  • Firstly, download Private Browsing add-on
  • Install the add-on and reopen the browser
  • Go to Tools > Private Browsing or directly start private browsing by clicking on its icon in Statusbar or use the Hot key Ctrl + Shift + P

start private browsing firefox

  • You will be lead to a new window. You can try extending the private browsing preferences by selecting private browsing preferences under Tools menu.There you can see the following options

Hide its Statusbar icon
Disable the prompt message when starting private browsing mode
Set Firefox to automatic start in private browsing mode
Set the options which should not be stored while running private browsing mode

extension preferences

  • You need to check the box besides the options according to your comfort level.

Private browsing mode in Mozilla Firefox is quite similar to the InPrivate Mode in Internet Explorer and Incognito Mode in Google Chrome. These all serves the same purpose of browsing security and prevents you from being tracked by removing all shared personal information from the browser.

So, now maintain your browser privacy online with the Private browsing mode in Mozilla Firefox and stay safe and secure while browsing Internet.


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