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Most of you out there must be very possessive in sharing pictures. We all very much concerned about sharing photos as they are one of our prized private possessions. It depends on you with whom you want to share the photos with. If you have a lot of photos saved in your computer and have multiple users operating it, then the system privacy may be at risk. In that case you might be worried about the personal photos and images stored in the system. Here is the tutorial how you can encrypt and password protect your personal pictures.

encrypt photos with PhotoCrypt

There are certain photos which you don’t want to share with anyone. You can secure your photos and get liberated from any kind of threat by encrypting and password protecting them. This can be achieved by PhotoCrypt. This is a lightweight photo encrypting tool that allows you to preserve all your personal photos that are not meant to be shared.

PhotoCrypt utility software tool supports file formats like JPEG, PNG, BMP images and are less than 12MB in size. This app is user-friendly and very easy to operate; even though a non-geek user finds it easier to use without any problems.

Both photo encryption and decryption can be carried out from the same interface. To encrypt an image file browse the file in the application and select an encryption password. The software also allows you to delete the source file after successful encryption and conversion of the image file. When the file is encrypted successfully, you will notice that the image with an extension .bin be added after the name of the original image and is encrypted with a password.

photocrypt encrypt

The photos that are encrypted can be decrypted with PhotoCrypt only. The decryption process follows an easy path, simply browse the encrypted image file and enter your password and click on decrypt button. The images that are encrypted and decrypted are saved in the same directory where the original files were present.

photocrypt decrypt

As mentioned above you can carry out both the operation in the same interface as the Encryption and decryption options are available in two different tabs in the same interface. The app is not only easy to use but also works fast and shows real-time results.

Although it provides a better security to your images it has some flaws. Sometimes it can cause corruption of the source files and doesn’t support images larger than the specified size that is 12MB.

So, before using the software beware of the fact that encryption and Decryption of images may corrupt source files. The use of software is at your own risk and be careful in deleting source image files. The developer for the app is not responsible for any kind of loses in your image files.


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