Secure your USB from Malware and Data Theft with Phrozen Safe USB

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Nowadays with advanced technology you are able to carry large chunks of information and valuable data from one place to other with the help of a small size chip. USB devices are a kind of handy tool capable of carrying data anywhere. Security to data or information stored in the USB is also important. The USB are not only the medium to transfer data from one PC to other, but is also a better and easy medium for malware or virus transfers from one PC to other. So, it is important to protect or secure your USB from malware threat and unauthorized access. Follow the article here to know how you can secure and safeguard your information on the USB usb Phrozen Safe USB

Pen Drives or other USB Storage utilities should be protected thoroughly against misuse by any unauthorized person or from malware threats. A utility program named Phrozen Safe USB can be used to secure your USB devices.
This freeware tiny tool is capable of controlling your USB Device Status and can readily USB devices from getting infected by malware.

How to use Phrozen Safe USB

Phrozen Safe USB is easy and simple to use freeware. You simply need to download the software from their official website and hit on the download link present there. Wait for a while for the download to be completed. Once the download is complete, you can see its icon on your computer screen.

Phrozen safe USB icon

Just double click the icon to launch Phrozen Safe USB. A settings window appears on the screen upon the launch of the program.

This is the main window of the program, from here itself you can configure all the options and status for a USB. Generally, you can see 3 main options in the main screen displayed on the screen.

Phrozen safe USB 3 modes

Firstly the Fully Operational Mode (FOM), this mode is to be set as the default mode. You can copy, modify, move or delete files as you normally do i.e. you are free to perform normal operations upon the insertion of USB device.

normal mode phrozen safe usb

Next, is the Read Only Mode (ROM), here in this mode you are only allowed to read the contents of a USB. In this mode, you are not privileged to make any modification or transfer or delete the stored data or information in the device. So, the virus/ malware infection gets no chance of spreading on your system.

read only mode phrozen safe usb

Finally, the Disabled Mode, this mode completely disables or say it deactivates the USB detection ability of your Windows system. disabled mode phrozen safe usb

In this mode, even if you have inserted your USB device to your computer, it is not detected by the Windows not even it displays the plugged in message.

disabled mode

This is a stealth mode which can be enabled or turned on or activated the time when you don’t want other users to export important data or other harmful content from your computer to USB Key.

You can also enable Phrozen Safe USB’s functionality by a right-click on the system tray menu. Its developers are working on it to include a password protection feature for better security.

From now onwards, you no longer have to worry about data theft or malware threat as the USB devices can be secured with the free utility program Phrozen Safe USB.


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