Send E-Mails Secretly with Fake Mailer [April Fool Treat]

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Come on Guys April 1st is heading rapidly and it’s less than a week to fool out your friends, loved ones, or strangers. Aren’t you ready with your pranks yet? Okay, then here is a different kind of prank that XDA developer’s member Rednasman had though for you. He had made an Android app named ‘Fake Mailer’. It’s fair enough on this 2012 you gonna hoax your near and dear ones through electronic media, exactly all the way through mass communication.

Don’t you get the idea yet? What you regular do is prepare yourself to fool out people through emails. You are not a moron of course relatively you just make a fake account in any e-mail site with different id. Through that email address you mail your friend to make him/her fool on April fool’s day. But, creating new accounts is time taking, even though they take less than 5 minutes, it’s not happening.  You only need is a Fake Mailer through which you can send unspecified mails and it’s really fun. Check out the screenshots below.

fake mailer android app

How it works?

This Fake mailer app permits you to send-up your email address exclusive of creating any new account through email provider site. This will definitely confuse the recipient. Through this app you can send at least 3 e-mails simultaneously, but it is bound to grow over time. Anyways with this Android prank generator spin the heads of your friends on the special day.

There are certain terms and conditions before sending a mail and those are:

  • I accept that I will not use this application for illegal activities.
  • I accept that the data I have entered will not be used for other purposes than sending an ‘anonymous’ mail.
  • I will not use this application to spam people.
  • I accept that that the developer is not responsible for anything I do with this application.

This app can be downloaded and installed in any Android device and takes about minimum space which is hardly 398 KB and get it for free. Few updation were made and where Eula & Dutch language has been added. Few minor defects are fixed. Get the link to download from Google Play or scan the QR code.

qr code for fake mailer



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