Shut down your Windows 8 System Automatically

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The most awaited new OS Windows 8 has finally arrived. The more talked about feature in Windows 8 is the metro style start screen that is the replacement for the traditional start screen. The missing start menu in Windows 8 makes users difficult to figure out how to shut down Windows 8 when using it for the first time. There are various other features that are difficult to find for a new user. Here is the tutorial how to turn off Windows 8 automatically.

shutdown windows8 automatically

To turn off your Windows 8 system quickly, follow the steps described below.

  • Go to Windows 8 start screen and press Windows key + W to open the charms bar or simply move your mouse over the screen at the right side corner and click on settings from the menu that appears
  • Next, click on Power on the right sidebar. The Shut down and Restart option pops up
  • Now, click on Shut down option to shut down your Windows 8
  • To make your system turn off more quickly, you can use hotkey combination Alt+F4 to shutdown Windows 8 OS.

The steps described above are about how you can shut down Windows 8 manually. But, it would be excellent if the computer turn’s off automatically after completing certain task. There are many users out there who wish to enable the auto turn off in their PC.

Shutdown Windows 8 automatically

A third party utility tool named Windows 8 Shutdown Assistant provides a better solution to turn off the Windows 8 accurately. This tool can automatically put your computer into shutdown, log off, or hibernation mode.

hibernate automatically windows shutdown assistant

It’s the new Windows 8 Task Scheduler, and various other functions included in the program. In this tutorial you will get to know how to use Windows 8 Shutdown Assistant to auto shut down your Windows 8. You can get more info regarding the software in here.

Once you have downloaded and done with the installation of the software, you can shut down your Windows 8 computer at any time you desire.

Features of Windows 8 Shutdown Assistant

Windows 8 Shutdown Assistant allows you to specify times when to shut down the PC. For example, if you want to turn off your system at 12:00 everyday, the software allows you to set the time. It also allows you to set time to automatically shut down after 15 minutes, by simply typing in 15 minutes from now.

windows shutdown assistant

When 15 minutes are passed by, or meets the conditions specified by you, it will automatically shut down or go into the mode (log off, restart, hibernate, lock computer, run file or program) that you selected.

This software can schedule to Run a Program or File at a specific time. For instance, if you want to run any programs, or files, in your absence this tool will effortlessly solve this problem for you. Along with this you can schedule to run several programs, or files, at the same time.

Microsoft has been bringing out many new features that are little difficult for the new users, but at the same time Windows 8 features are impressive and will attract more and more people to use it. Eventually, it would replace all the previous versions of Windows OS.


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